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Most Common Pests during Spring

As the weather warms up, humans are not the only ones coming out of inactivity. Spring is that time of the year when pests that have been dormant during the winter are waking up and finding their way into our homes. They will sneak into the roof space, underground, and wall cavities until they reach [...]

When Should I Be Worried About a Crack?

At some point, every homeowner will find a crack on the walls of their house, and this is true even for structures that aren't built in an earthquake prone area. Wall cracks can be an indication of a major foundation or structural damage. But they could also be the result of regular wear and tear [...]

Myth vs Fact: The Real Dangers of Asbestos

Myth vs Fact: The Real Dangers of Asbestos Asbestos is most commonly found in the construction industry, and used as plasters, roofs, or adhesives. Asbestos can also be found in some fireproof items, insulators, and some types of fabric. This material is affordable, resistant, and relatively strong. Asbestos has been used for thousands of years, [...]

Why Regular Building Inspections Will Protect Your Investment

Homeowners seeking to protect their investment understand the value of routine building maintenance and inspections. It’s more than just the cosmetics and appearance of the house, regular building inspections allow you to know with confidence that the structural integrity of the building is intact. Property owners benefit in various ways when they have professionals complete [...]

Look Out for These Common DIY Tiling Mistakes

Many people want to improve their home by tiling their kitchen, bathroom or outdoor area, however think that the task requires little preparation. This means cutting corners and in turn, sacrificing quality. Look out for dodgy DIY jobs if you’re looking at a new house, or if you’re wanting to undertake this task yourself, learn [...]

Sydney Building Inspections

Sydney Building Inspections: Building Inspection Sydney are very important. An Expert building Inspections helps you to finish your home buy or deal in Sydney. Regardless of whether you will build another home, offering or purchasing a current property, contributing or remodeling, An Expert building reviews gives you the information in detail to get the best [...]

Pre Purchase House Assessment & Report

Pre Purchase House Assessment & Report Sydney real estate is amongst the most expensive in Australia. The importance of getting a pre-purchase new house building inspection.   Pre-Sale House inspections in Sydney. The sun is shining, spring is in the air and increasingly more prospective buyers have their weekends filled with open house inspections. Figures [...]

Why lookout for mould when buying a home

Why you should be on the lookout for mould when buying a home Buying a home can, and should be, an exciting time. But the last thing you want is to move in then find yourself sneezing and wheezing constantly after a couple of weeks as the result of mould build-up which you didn't know [...]

The Pre-Listing Inspection, A Smart Move

The Pre-Listing Inspection - A Smart Move For Vendors A better way to sell your home at a fair price and without delays Some of the deciding factors on whether you sell your home or not is the sale price. How much can I get for my home? How quickly can it be sold? This [...]

The Pros & Cons of Building Inspections

The Pros & Cons of Building & Pest Inspection For Buyers & Sellers Building and pest inspections, while not essential, are something you should seriously consider during the real estate buying and selling process. However, not every home owner or buyer elects to have this done. The consequences of skipping inspections pre-purchase and pre-listing can [...]