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Why Do Houses Have Moulds?

Why Do Houses Have Moulds_

Find Out How Mould Inspection and Remediation Work

You may have seen fuzzy or patchy spots in random areas of your house. These can be black, brown, or green, usually seen in corners, floors, ceilings, and areas in contact with water and moisture.

Those are called mould—microorganisms that grow on moist and damp surfaces. When left unchecked, mould can become a health hazard and make your home uninhabitable. To find all areas in your house with mould, it’s best to approach licensed building inspectors for a mould house inspection.

What You Should Know About Moulds

Mould is a type of fungus that can grow inside or outside your house. It thrives in areas with high humidity and moisture levels. Mould can appear in various colors—brown, pink, purple, green, or orange.

At first glance, mould may seem harmless, but it produces spores that can harm your health and damage your property. Spores are tiny cells that spread through water, insects, and air. These spores act like seeds, creating new mouldy areas. Spores can also be inhaled by people, causing health issues if exposed to mould for long periods.

Here are some of the signs that may point to mould growth in an indoor property

Signs of Mould Growth in Your Home

Here are some signs that mould may be growing in your home:

  • Earthy or musty smell
  • Stains on walls, floors, furniture, or ceiling
  • Frost or water condensation inside walls
  • Leaks on drywalls, floors, and other surfaces
  • Mould that returns even after cleaning.

If you see mould growing in your home, it’s essential to remove it quickly and prevent further mould growth.

Common Causes of Mould in Houses

To prevent mould, it’s crucial to understand what causes it. Here are some common causes of mould in Sydney homes:

  • Damp crawl spaces and basements
  • High indoor humidity
  • Poor ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Improper construction and insulation of windows and walls
  • Leaking water pipes and wastewater lines
  • Roof, window, and foundation leaks
  • Flooding

How to Prevent Mould Growth

hile some causes of mould are preventable, others may be beyond your control. Here are some steps you can take to prevent mould in your home:

  1. Maintain Your Property’s Structure
    • Regularly maintain your walls, roof, windows, and foundations to prevent moisture build-up.
  2. Use Moisture Barriers
    • Install moisture barriers, sump pumps, and tile systems in basements and crawlspaces to prevent groundwater seepage.
  3. Insulate Walls and Ceilings
    • Proper insulation prevents cold air from causing moisture build-up inside walls and ceilings.
  4. Install Vapour Barriers
    • Vapour barriers reduce the chances of mould build-up in areas prone to condensation.
  5. Control Indoor Humidity
    • Use hygrometers to measure humidity and install exhaust fans to reduce moisture. Ensure dryer vents lead outside and are not blocked.
  6. Avoid Excess Indoor Plants
    • Too many plants can increase indoor moisture. Clean often-wet surfaces, sanitize humidifiers, and dry wet areas.

How Mould Inspection Reports Help

first step to solving a mould problem is identifying the issue. A mould inspection can help locate mould in your property. Licensed building inspectors have experience checking properties and can help you find mould.

Mould Inspection and Remediation

Companies like Vital Building Inspection can provide a detailed report on your property’s mould issue. Licensed inspectors can recommend steps to remediate your property.

Mould Inspection Report and Remediation

Contact Vital Building Inspection

Inspections are crucial if you’re planning to rent out or sell your Sydney property. Mould can deter potential buyers and tenants, indicating poor maintenance. With a thorough mould inspection, you can identify problem areas and have professionals remove the mould.

At Vital Building Inspection, we have over a decade of experience in home inspection reports. We help you understand your property’s condition and recommend next steps. Whether buying, selling, or renting, contact Vital Building Inspection to check for mould build-up and ensure your property is in top condition.