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Building Inspections Stanhope Gardens

Stanhope Gardens

Vital Building Inspections Sydney is one of the most well-known and reputed experts in the Stanhope Gardens area. Our building inspection reports are comprehensive and can prove to be vital in case of disputes.

We specialise in identifying and detailing the issues in buildings on our building inspection reports so that you can take an informed decision about whether to buy a property.

We don’t just stop at identifying the issues but also suggest remedial measures so that the problems are fixed permanently and do not arise. Our pest inspection reports are similar containing both the issues and corrective measures.

At Vital Building Inspections Sydney, we have you completely covered against any risks associated with the purchase of your property. Our fact-finding reports on rental inspection, identification of Asbestos, and timber termite reports are just some of the reasons people trust us for their building inspection needs.

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Stanhope Gardens Rental Inspection Reports & Commercial Building Inspections

Rental Inspection Reports

There are several instances where tenants damage the property or cause issues that need long and tedious repairs. As a home-owner, a comprehensive building report can save you a lot of time, stress, and energy if you file a rental dispute against your tenant. These reports can be used as evidence of the extent of damage caused and become the basis for adequate compensation.

rental building inspections, Stanhope Gardens Building Inspections Sydney
asbestos, Stanhope Gardens Building Inspections Sydney
Asbestos Identification

The rise in Asbestos awareness has caused a lot of concern among home-owners about the extent of Asbestos contamination in their homes. Our experts can carry out a detailed inspection and identify the same for you. Asbestos removal is an expensive affair but having some knowledge about the extent of damage through an inspection report can help you negotiate the best rate for Asbestos treatment.

Timber Termite Inspection

One of the biggest issues in any home can be the timber pests or termites. They develop and grow quickly in the parts of your house made from timber and cause extensive damage to the structure of your house. Therefore, it is in the best interests of any home-owner to petition a complete home inspection to establish the presence of termites and the extent of damage caused to the house. Our inspectors carry out a detailed investigation, identify the affected areas and also determine whether the structure of the house is under threat, and suggest suitable measure. Such timely inspections can be life savers.

termite inspection, Stanhope Gardens Building Inspections Sydney

A building inspection report can present a true picture of the condition of the building, including minor and major building defects, pest infections, or any potential safety hazards . This report can not only save you thousands of dollars in getting your house treated for any issues after you buy it but also prevent stress and agonising situations arising out of a wrong decision.

If you are planning to buy a house in the Stanhope Gardens area, make sure you get a pre-purchase report. It is possible that even the previous home-owner or the real estate agent are not aware of the exact condition of the building and as such, this report becomes even more crucial.

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