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We’re committed to a better approach to building and pest inspections – while providing you with first-class customer service.

Our background is in the building restoration Industry. For over 17 years we’ve helped families and businesses repair and restore buildings damaged by the elements, structural defects, poor workmanship, timber pests and countless other causes.

This experience makes us the ideal company to provide your building and/or pest inspection. We use our experience to provide you with valuable information and insights on the real issues affecting your property or property you may be considering buying.

Buying a home or investment property is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. It is a decision that will stick with you for many years to come. Building and pest inspections are vital, they offer you peace of mind and provide you with a true indication of the building/property’s condition, saving you emotional upsets and money. 

If it’s a pre-purchase inspection, a report outlining various defects may be used as a bargaining tool to save you thousands of dollars off the asking price, or make you aware of issues before you purchase, to save you repair costs and inform your decision.

 If you’re selling your home, you’re in a much stronger negotiating position if you know what issues might be raised following potential buyers’ building inspections. The last thing you want is a sale to fall through or be negotiated down at the last minute due to issues you were not aware of. Whether you are selling, buying, building or renovating a building inspection by an experienced building consultant will help to avoid nasty surprises. “For Peace of Mind, It’s Vital”. 

There are many different types of building inspections available, including pre-purchase inspections, pre-listing/sale inspections, construction progress inspections, new home/pre-handover inspections, strata inspections, rental inspections, property condition inspections and more.

It’s best to have a building inspection before entering a contract or putting down a deposit, while this isn’t always possible, it’s highly recommended. If major defects are found, you may have to forfeit your deposit. For this reason, we advise having a building inspection before you pay a deposit, to give you peace of mind.

No, you don’t have to. It’s not obligatory, but you do have the right to attend during a building inspection, however there are certain restrictions around access.

You will need to be home to give the building inspector access to your property. All rooms, including garages and storage spaces, should be unlocked for the building inspector to access.

Working through a systematic and exact process, assessing, testing, taking photos and notes to aid with the completion of the report, an inspection may take up to three hours to complete.

We take great pride in delivering to you a very detailed report. We believe and have received feedback that our reports are some of the most detailed in the business.  Generally, your comprehensive Inspection Report will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours of your inspection for your perusal. There after you may call us with any questions you may have or to further discuss the findings in the report for more clarity and better understanding.

After you receive your report our Inspector will be available to discuss the report with you over the phone, so you can ask any questions you may have and get further information including:

  • What work needs to be done to rectify the problems found and prevent their recurrence
  • What ongoing maintenance may be required at the property

It is good to note though that as inspector we will never advise you to either buy or not buy a property. This is not our role. We are simply there to provide you with a true picture of the condition of the property.

Yes, the report will include photographs of defects identified within the property, wherever possible.

We recognise that buying a property is big decision and many of our clients need that peace of mind, sooner rather than later! We have a very quick turnaround time, usually within one to two days of you contacting us.

Once you have signed our service agreement, we will liaise with the agent/vendor for access and time for the inspections and will keep you posted.

A standard building inspection covers all readily and accessible areas of the building interior, roof space, building exterior, roof exterior, subfloor space and site. A thorough assessment and tests are carried out in accordance to AS standard 4349.1 2007 and 4349.3 -2010. This is to help identify any major issues present at the time of the inspection that is/may be adversely affect the building and will/may prove costly if not identified. Our objective is to present to you, our client, the accurate condition of the building and property at the time of the inspections.

We cover Sydney metropolis, primarily North-western, South- western and Southern Sydney. Please give us a call for more area coverage or check it out on our website.

A standard building inspection is one of the first step you may require in event of NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) However, we offer expert witness reports for Building Claims or Litigation in (NCAT tribunal or Court). Whether you’re a builder, owner, or tenant in a dispute, you will need an expert witness report to submit a building claim in the court or tribunal for litigation (NCAT- New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

Our Expert Witness Reports are accepted by the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and NSW courts.

The report is delivered to you via email for your perusal within 24 hours of the inspection being completed. Our inspector will be available to answer any questions of which you may have about the report.

Although, our report is carefully written and without technical jargon, we encourage our clients to call and speak to the inspector who is ever willing to answer your questions and offer you a more in-depth explanation on the condition of the building.

It is expected that payments be made at least 1 day prior to the inspection. The payment remittance receipt copy is required to be sent to us via a text message or email.

Payments are made via electronic fund transfer (EFT) using our banking details which is found on the invoice of which you will receive subsequent to the approval of the service agreement. You may also pay on the day of the inspection or at completion of the inspections. Please discuss your options further with our office.

Buying a property is expensive! We work extremely hard to keep our prices down to minimise the additional expense to you, so unfortunately, we do not reduce the price for cash payment.

Our reports automatically generate a tax invoice and all of our payments are recorded in our financial system. But always check out our website for any promotions that may be happening!

We will always recommend that clients get advice from a structural engineer first before any building work proceeds.

We are not in the business to recommend a particular tradesperson or company. This should be your own personal choice.

Yes, we do. We also do have workers compensation and public liability insurances. A Certificate of currency will be provided to Solicitors and Conveyancers on request.

Buying a property is a personal decision with many different drivers. Our role is to provide you with another tool to aid in your decision making. No inspector should advise you to either purchase or not purchase a property. This is always the buyer’s decision alone.

While our inspection is a very thorough recording of the building/property observable condition at a point in time, often some problems can only be discovered by living in a property. Your inspection is a record of observable conditions at a particular point in time. So, building inspections is not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy. Some problems can only be discovered by living in a property.

We are confident in our ability and experience and committed to meet and exceed your expectations. We back our customer service up with a 100% money-back guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will do our best to address your concerns and if you are still not satisfied we will refund you your money without delay.

Absolutely! This is a very different type of inspection. General wear and tear on a property with some age does not apply for a new construction and you have a brand-new warranty in place that you should absolutely make sure is used. While many new homes are well built, it is not unusual to find serious defects or poor workmanship on a completed property. There are several stages where you can choose to have your new home checked, including; Frame, Lock-Up/Waterproofing, and Fixing/Pre-Painting.

A Handover Inspection is essential for identifying items for rectification before your builder’s (90 days) warranties expire.

Yes, you can meet with inspector onsite if the agent/vendor is happy for you to attend. We love having our clients present as it gives them the opportunity to see what we do first hand. It is also an opportunity for our clients to speak with the inspector face to face and for better understanding of building assessment.  However, your presence does not affect our level of effort in conducting the inspection diligently and professionally. So, be assured that your interest is most certainly covered whether you are there or not. 

We are solely focused on your inspection.  Our inspectors have years of building and renovation experience behind them. The cost of repair or renovation can vary greatly depending on taste, materials used, design, method, economic climate, and the tradesperson undertaking the work. Based on these factors and more we do not provide quote and estimates as they can be grossly misleading and inaccurate.

As professionals, we take safety very seriously. A fall from this height may not only have extremely serious consequences for your inspector, but also for us, and ultimately, you.

We are guided by Workplace Health & Safety practice. There will be a number of situations when your inspector won’t get on the roof. Eg the roofing material may be unsafe to walk on; the roof may have a steep pitch, may be slippery or not be accessible from a 3.6-metre ladder.

We understand you’re concerned about the state of the property’s roof and will do everything in our power to inspect it. Your inspector will also be able to view the roof from a ladder and your inspector can identify most roof problems from within the roof space and walking on a roof is a common cause of damage to roofing materials. It is also possible to make special arrangements to access difficult roofs by cherry picker and use of drones (at an additional cost).

We are suitably qualified, accredited and experienced building consultants. Qualifications and accreditations include certificate IV and Diploma of building and constructions, Accreditations in Termite/Timber Pest assessment and Identification, Building Inspections and Defects identification, building science including mould identification and remediation, building assessment and restoration following disasters such fire/smoke and flood/water damage. The head inspector has over 17 years of on job experience. We are involved with building industry associations and continuously take part in educational and training programs such as continued professional development. This help us to keep abreast with the latest changes in technology for building inspection and legislations that benefits our clients. Vital Building Inspections Sydney is committed to give you the best customer experience. “For Peace of Mind It’s Vital”. 

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