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Our experience, background, and skills in property restoration make Vital Building Inspections Sydney the first and foremost choice for all kinds of building inspections in Doonside. We specialise in finding, analysing, and recommending fixes to all kinds of issues that come up in properties over time. Our experienced and qualified inspector tells you everything that you would ever need to know about the status of the property you wish to buy.

While most building inspection services simply find out the faults, we go a step ahead and even recommend the fixes that must be incorporated so that the problems do not come back. In a nutshell, we try to plug the underlying cause of the issue rather than offering cosmetic solutions that last only for a while.

Vital Building Inspections Sydney service is committed to providing you with an excellent and detailed inspection report that helps you go ahead with your purchase more confidently.

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Rental Disagreements

If you are looking to rent out any of your home or commercial property, then a comprehensive building report is a must-have. Tenants that have the tendency to damage the properties they live in almost always resist or do not adhere to the terms of the rental agreements. So they are never made to pay for the damage they have inflicted on the property. Getting an accredited third-party building inspection report protects your home and can be used as documentary evidence to the authorities that the property was in great shape before it was rented out.

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Our inspectors have an eye for detecting the presence of asbestos in any property. They are specifically trained for it. Detection asbestos is tricky and if not detected, it can cause an irreparable harm to the occupants of the building over the years. Our report details the extent of asbestos presence, if any and also provides the repairs that must be carried out to remove it.

Termite Report

Wood eating termites can wreak havoc to the wooden items in your property like doors, windows, closets and so on. The worst part is that their presence is difficult to detect and when finally detected, the damage has already been done. Our pre-purchase inspection reveals if there is any termite infection in the building so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the property. If you already live in your property and suspect an infestation, Vital Building Inspections Sydney service can detect it in time and save you thousands of dollars.

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asbestos, Stanhope Gardens Building Inspections Sydney
Building Inspection Report

Pre-purchase building inspection is an important element of your decision to buy a property. You should ensure that the property you are going to buy is structurally sound and is free of any defects, safety hazards, and pest infestations.

Call Vital Building Inspections Sydney Doonside today for a free quote if you are interested in getting a pre-purchase or pest inspection done. We service Western Sydney and the greater Sydney region.

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