Mould Inspection Report and Remediation

The build up of mould can be the result of poor design, poor construction, living habits, or ‘wear and tear’ over time. 

As buildings age, internal or external waterproofing can deteriorate and result in unwanted spread of moisture. Some buildings are designed in such a way that doesn’t allow for sunlight or airflow through high-risk spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Thus the inevitable build up of mould. 

Why mould needs to be remediated

Mould is comprised of small organisms called fungi. Mould reproduces by creating spores. These spores are carried in the air and present a health risk when inhaled. According to the NSW Gov Health website, mould can lead to problems such as “a running or blocked nose, irritation of the eyes and skin, and sometimes wheezing”. Mould spores particularly pose a risk to asthmatics.

Steps to prevent mould

Maintain proper ventilation

  • Turn on exhaust fans in bathroom and kitchen when bathing, showering, cooking, doing laundry
  • Open windows when possible to allow cross-draft

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Reduce humidity
  • Limit the use of humidifiers
  • Limit indoor fish tanks
  • Limit indoor plants that release moisture, and increase the number of indoor plants that remove moisture from the air

Control moisture/damp

  • Repair water leaks or plumbing problems
  • If water enters your building take steps to thoroughly dry what you can and replace water damaged articles

Rising and Lateral Damp

“Rising damp is ground moisture rising up a brick or stone wall. Poor sub-floor ventilation or moisture in the sub-floor area will worsen the problem. This can be fixed by installing a new dampcourse or waterproof barrier in the wall. Ensure the weep holes and air vents at the base of your home are uncovered” (NSW Gov Health website).

If you think you have rising damp, call Vital for a building inspection and we can direct you in managing the problem.

Inspection and Remediation

Our Mould Inspection Report will locate any potentially harmful mould affected areas. We know where to look and where mould can be lurking out of sight. In remediating your mould problem our experts will clean the affected surfaces and recommend practices to prevent its return.

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