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Maintenance Reports

Property Maintenance Reports

Damage to buildings accumulate over time, spotting maintenance issues as soon as possible should be the priority of any property owner.

With preventive inspections and measures in place, you can properly budget for the maintenance of your building. 

When do you need a maintenance inspection? 

Maintenance reports are useful for a variety of reasons. With a comprehensive inspection, you can uncover non-structural defects (for buildings less than 2 years old) and structural defects (less than 6 years old) related to the work done by the building contractors. In this way, maintenance reports are similar to defects reports.

Maintenance inspection also includes an examination of buildings of any age, with a detailing of main issues. A list of defects can give you an idea of the work you need for complete rectification.

Most importantly, a maintenance inspection can help you identify issues that pose a danger to you and your building’s occupants. These defects can worsen over time. Owners which neglect maintenance assessment can become responsible for a variety of legal issues and greater repair costs.   

What to expect from a maintenance report 

A comprehensive maintenance report covers structural, non-structural, and aesthetic defects in your building. This includes incomplete work that building contractors have left you with, and the condition of all major materials and components. Exposure to elements, general wear and tear, and poor construction can all contribute to maintenance issues.

Here at Vital Building Inspections, we provide comprehensive maintenance reports including photographs and detailed descriptions. 

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Maintenance reports from Vital Building Inspections 

Vital Building Inspections Sydney believe in providing first-class customer service to all our clients. Vital Building Inspections serve residential to commercial property owners across Western Sydney with the same attention to detail.

Our maintenance inspection reports include the findings of our comprehensive inspection, photographs, other necessary documentation, and recommendations. With over 17 years of experience in the repair and restoration business, the team behind Vital Building Inspections Sydney can give you expert advice to correct defects and to prevent further disrepair. 

Be a responsible property owner by having your building inspected for maintenance issues and structural defects. Contact our team today!  

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