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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and Reports

Our background in property restoration makes us the best choice for your building inspection.

A pre-purchase inspection is a must before you buy a property, whether it’s to be your home or an investment property. Not only can it save you thousands in rectifying problems in the future, it can also provide a means to negotiate with the vendor based on any problems found. 

When do you need a Pre-Purchase Building Inspections report?

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections reports are essential for those wanting to purchase a property. A pre-purchase building report provides you with the information you need to make a sound financial decision. The report and its findings will allow you to prepare and budget for any renovations and repairs, and will give you transparency, outlining the potential risks of buying the property. A pre-purchase building report can confirm if the property is worth the asking price. 

What to expect from our Pre-Purchase Building Inspections report

Your comprehensive Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Report will be provided within 24 hours of your inspection and will include:

  • Details of major defects including structural issues and problems that could cause further damage to the building
  • Details of minor defects including cosmetic issues and items needing periodic maintenance
  • Information on safety hazards such as structural damage or suspected presence of asbestos
  • Details of any evidence of termites and other pests, whether current or inactive
  • Photographs of defects identified within the property

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After you receive your report our Inspector will be available to discuss the report with you over the phone, so you can ask any questions you may have and get further information including:

  • What work needs to be done to rectify the problems found and prevent their recurrence
  • What ongoing maintenance may be required at the property
Pre-Purchase Building Inspections from Vital Building Inspections Sydney

Have the peace of mind you need with a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Building Inspections report from Vital Building Inspections Sydney. With over 17 years of experience in the repair and restoration business, our team at Vital Building Inspections Sydney has developed a keen eye for any major defects, structural issues and safety hazards.

Vital Building Inspections Sydney`s pre-purchase building reports could save you from purchasing a damaged home or investment property. Contact us today for peace of mind.  

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