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Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness Reports for Litigations

Expert witness reports for Building Claims or Litigation in (NCAT tribunal or Court).

Whether you’re a builder, owner, or tenant in a dispute, you will need an expert witness report to submit a building claim in the court or tribunal for litigation (NCAT- New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

When do you need an expert witness report?

If you find that building work you have had completed is not satisfactory Vital Building Inspections Sydney can inspect and prepare an expert witness report. Vital Building Inspections Sydney can also assist building service providers, providing an independent an unbiased expert witness report, assisting you to reach a satisfactory resolution with the other party.

An expert witness report is required for Building Claims or Litigation in (NCAT tribunal or Court).

Whether you’re a tenant or an owner and want to confirm that the building services comply with all relevant acts, regulations, codes, and standards, Vital Building Inspections Sydney can provide a detailed, comprehensive expert witness report.

What to expect from our expert witness reports

Vital Building Inspections Sydney are bound by the Expert Witness Code of Conduct, in addition to Australian standards and Building Codes.

  • Our overriding duty is to assist the court or tribunal impartially on matters relevant to our area of expertise
  • To exercise our independence, professional judgment in relation to that issue and reach agreement with the other expert witness
  • Not act on any instruction or request to withhold or avoid agreement with the other expert witness.
  • Our Expert Witness Reports are accepted by the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and NSW courts.
  • Our reports are provided with our independent and professional judgement.

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We respect the confidentiality of the client in all aspects of our services throughout the investigation and reporting process. 

Expert witness reports from Vital Building Inspections Sydney 

Our expert witness reports are thorough, independent and unbiased. By undertaking an initial inspection, we can provide advice as to the extent of investigation required and any areas of concern that may need to be included. Get in touch to learn more about our expert witness reports. 

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