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A house or a commercial building is an accommodation for people to live or work in. It ought to be safe, strong, and free of any infections. However, how can this be ensured? Who certifies if a building has been constructed in accordance with the agreed plans and procedures?

Vital Building and Pest Infections have been serving the Bella Vista area for years and will be happy to assist you with construction building reports for your home or commercial property. 

What is a Construction Building Inspection Report?

A construction building inspection report is a detailed document that contains information about the inspection carried out when the building is being constructed. The main purpose of this inspection is to identify if the construction is being carried out as per the plan and specifications, if the material and building components being used are of proper quality and that the working conditions for the labour are as per the norms set by law.

This inspection is carried out in multiple phases so as to ensure compliance during different stages of the construction. As such, the report is both comprehensive and detailed. The number of stages of inspection varies from building to building but as a general rule, the inspections are conducted 4 to 5 times during the entire construction cycle. At each stage, the following details are recorded in the report:

  • The condition of steel and footing reinforcements before the concrete is filled in them
  • Condition of the wall and roof frames, different support posts, small and large beams, joints, etc.
  • Condition of frames, electrical wiring, waterproofing system, and drainage systems
  • Condition of door frames and their installation
  • At the time of handing over the building, if all checks have been completed and the building components tied together safely and securely

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House Inspections & Commercial Building Inspections in Bella Vista

Importance of Construction Building Inspection

A weak building is a threat to not just the people who inhabit it but also the neighbourhood and surroundings. So it is imperative upon the building contractor to ensure that the construction is durable, safe, confirms to the Australian laws, and is constructed as per the specified plan and procedures. But this is easier said than done. Unless the jobs are being supervised by an inspection expert, errors and loopholes may creep in and complications may occur.

So it is vital to hire a building inspection company like Vital Building and Pest Infections that specialises in conduction inspections of this nature and also prepare and audit reports.

A construction building inspection report is also a valuable tool which, in unfortunate cases of damage to the building, accidents, litigation and misunderstanding, acts as crucial evidence that the construction processes were supervised at every stage and standards of material and safety were maintained.

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Choose The Right Inspection Company in Bella Vista

Vital Building and Pests Inspections is a reputable company that employs experienced inspectors with an eye for details. They are qualified and know what to look for. They easily identify issues that a common observer will not be able to catch or comprehend. We ensure that are reports are easy to read, understand and interpret and comply with the building and inspection laws of Australia.

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