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Schofields Building Inspections Sydney

Welcome to Vital Building Inspections Sydney Schofields! We are the most awarded, reputed, and experienced, home, business, and construction inspection service in New South Wales.

We service all suburbs of Greater Western Sydney and the greater Sydney area offering our clients most comprehensive analysis of their home and commercial properties so that they can identify any possible issues that might be lurking around the properties.

Why Pre-purchase Inspection?

Any new or old property can get infested with pests, termites, mould, rot or undergo water damage due to leakages. If left undetected and unresolved, it can lead to catastrophic damages to your property.

When you plan to buy a property, you are looking at investing a lot of money into a project. Doesn’t it make sense that you ensure that the property you are planning to buy is in an excellent condition. It is no secret that homes that are put up for sale are renovated, painted fresh, and presented like brand new properties. However, underneath that fresh paint may be an infection, or presence of asbestos, or even a damage that puts the entire structure in danger.

That is why it is essential to look into pre-purchase inspections if you are contemplating purchasing a property for your home or office space in the Schofields area.

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What Will We Include in a Pre-purchase Report?

Once the inspection has been completed, you will receive the report within 24 hours and will contain the following details:

  • Comprehensive details about the area of the building, its design, structure and a declaration as to whether it is safe or has some issues with the photographs
  • Any pest or termite infestation and the extent of infestation and damage, if any
  • Whether there are any major or minor cosmetic defects. These do not make the property uninhabitable but can provide you with a tool to negotiate the price of the property
  • Items that you would definitely need to get repaired before moving in
  • Details of safety hazards, if any
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What Can You Expect From A Building Inspection Service

When you book a building inspection service with Vital Building Inspections Sydney, you’ll receive a visit from an authorised company inspector. He will make a complete assessment of the premises looking for damages, structural issues, pest or termite infestations, leakages, cracks etc. He will then draft an inspection report with his findings as well as the possible fixes so that the issues are not only taken care of but are gone permanently.

Schofields Building Inspections incorporate both building and pest inspections into one inspection so that you do not have to hire two services, thus saving you time and money.

It is strongly recommended that if you are purchasing or building a property in the areas that are close to forests or green cover, get your property inspected. These areas are prone to pest infections.

Call our customer service team today and we’ll schedule a pest inspection for your property as per your time and convenience.

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