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6 Issues A Building Inspection Can Reveal

6 Issues A Building Inspection Can Reveal

Curiosity and doubt come naturally to human mind. We worry about the quality of the clothes when we go to buy them and so conduct a thorough check. It is the same when shopping for groceries, buying a pet, a car, or pretty much anything that we spend money on. Again, this is natural as humans have the uncanny ability to doubt what appears on the surface. Nothing wrong with it!

Imagine then the degree of doubt and excitement when we set out to invest in a home or business property for ourselves. For most of us, it is probably the biggest investment of our lives, and so we would want to check through every brick, roof, nook, and corner of the property to ensure that we are investing in a solid defect-free property.

This is where a building inspection report comes in. It is perhaps one of the most important pre-buy exercises that you must undertake to ensure that the property you are investing in, is in a good to great condition. Even if you’ve made up your mind about a said property, it is best to employ the services of a reputable building and pest inspection service to ensure there are no nasty surprises in store afterwards.

Many people believe that a building inspection report is an unnecessary expense. However, consider the fact that without a building inspection, you may end up with a property that has a weak structural integrity or is ingested with termites. The cost of correcting these issues (if at all they can be corrected) will be far more than the humble cost of a building inspection report. Following are 6 issues that only a building inspection report can reveal and trust our word that these issues can really make or break a property deal.

Issues With The Structure Integrity Of A Building

A building inspector starts inspecting right from the foundation of the building. The inspector is an immensely experienced person who can identify a weak structure just by examining the foundation, walls, and roof. Cracks in the walls and whether the weight of the house can sustain minor to severe impacts on the structure of the house is assessed and finds mention in the report. A weak house also provides an easy entry point to termites and pests.

Building Inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections

Condition Of The Roof

An inspection report contains the assessment about the condition of the roof, the most important element in a house. A roof binds the whole house together and if it is not strong enough to brave the harsh elements of weather, it may give in and become a cause of injury to the residents of the house instead of protecting them. An inspection reports details any issues with the dimensions of the roof, its weight, or irregularities in laying it.

Bad Drainage

Drainage is a common problem in older properties or even newer ones that have not been well cared for. The last thing you want is moving in to a house where bad drainage has filled the house with all kinds of bad odour. An inspection report can highlight any drainage or plumbing issue at the right time.

Building Inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections

Problem of Termites

Termites or white ants can cause considerable damage to your wooden furniture. A building inspection report can reveal a problem with the termites in a property and whether the problem received any successful treatment or not. This alone will save you a considerable headache when you move in.

Mould and Rotten Wood

Patch of mould and rotten wood are a direct consequence of poor ventilation and moisture in the house. An inspection report can reveal if the property has fungal decay in the timber or existence of black mould in the house, both of which can be indicators of graver issues.

Adherence to Building Laws and Safety Standards

Last but not the least, an inspection report can reveal if the property in question conforms to the building laws and safety standards set up by the government. Usually, the inspectors have the experience to judge the same from the construction of the property but if required, they can get the same addressed by the appropriate authority.

So you see that an inspection report can not only save you a headache and thousands of dollars but also put you in a bargaining position with the seller if there indeed are issues with the property. In any case, if you are buying a property, give the reasons above a thought and then analyse whether investing a nominal amount in a building inspection is a good or bad expense.