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Who needs a building and pest report?

Who needs a building and pest report?

The best time to get a building and pest report for your property

For the vast majority of Australians, the single largest transaction they will ever be involved in is the purchase of property. Be it a first home, moving into a new home, an investment property or even a second residence. You’ll have a pretty good idea of your fixed costs like loan fees, government charges and the like but it’s harder to predict any kind of future issue regarding your property that could end up making your financial position much trickier. If you’re about to take the plunge into the market as a buyer or seller, looking to renovate or even build, a building and pest report can provide the peace of mind and information needed to know the choice you are making is the right one.

Buying a property

A building and pest report is a vital tool when making a decision on the purchase of property. The inspection should take into account any existing defects with the property and give you an idea what will be needed to remediate any of these issues. This allows you to keep your “eyes open” to the possibility of future expense and perhaps more importantly, give you the opportunity to negotiate a lower price to allow for any future work identified. A pre-purchase building report should include a summary of (if present):

  • Major structural defects or defects that could cause damage to the building.
  • Minor defects such as cosmetic or maintenance issues (e.g broken tiles, leaking taps).
  • Evidence of pest infestation with particular attention paid to the presence of termites.
  • Photographic evidence of any defect identified.

A pre purchase inspection report can also be of use in securing finance for your investment. Some lenders appreciate the reassurance provided in a pre-purchase and pest inspection to approve the loan you need.

Selling your property

Before taking your home to market, it’s best to have an idea of the condition of your property when setting a price and deciding just how much flexibility you are prepared to exercise during any negotiations. Bearing in mind that it is generally accepted as wise practice for a buyer to have an independent assessment carried out for the home a prelisting or pre-sale inspection, the knowledge will allow you to negotiate fairly and accurately. As with any high stakes deal, negotiations can be brutal with both parties chasing their best possible outcome. Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing the condition of what you are selling can be of tremendous benefit in several ways. It can identify problems that can be easily remedied and save the hassle of a buyer using them to squeeze you on price. Knowing the true condition of your home can aid in a quick sale, lessening the need for tiring back and forth arguments about any issues identified. The information garnered in a pre-listing inspection can also be of assistance in any advertising or marketing of your property.

Selling your property

Renovating an existing property or building new

You may already have a property and have decided to update or expand by renovation. Whether taking on the work yourself or using a licenced builder, there are many issues and pitfalls that can be identified through the use of Construction Progress Inspections and Reports. An inspection before you start work can help ensure that your existing structures will support any work you have planned. Any issues surrounding local building and planning laws can be identified and actioned. Upon completion of your project an inspection can help identify any defects, shoddy workmanship, or poor finishing.

Do I always need an inspection?

A renovation is a significant investment both in terms of the cost and the future value of your home and this kind of inspection can help you make sure you are getting what you paid for. Similarly, if you are building your home from scratch, construction progress inspections and reports are vital in giving you the peace of mind as your dream build takes shape. At any stage of construction, an inspection can identify where corners have been cut in the building process, common mistakes, or defective workmanship. Compliance with building codes from the earliest stages of construction will save you having to spend money fixing any possible breaches. Later assessments ensure that the work you have or will be paying for is completed to the highest possible standard.

Do I always need an inspection?

In rare cases a building and pest inspection will not be necessary. This most commonly occurs when the property is acquired for the purpose of a “knockdown rebuild” (KDR). If you are planning extensive renovations that entail major structural changes, it is possible that an inspection is not required. Communication with your architect or builder should be enough to set you straight but if in any doubt an independent licenced building inspector will happily provide guidance as to what may or may not be required.

For peace of mind, it’s Vital

Put simply, if you are involved in any kind of property transaction the team at Vital Building Inspections Sydney can provide the information you need in a clear concise fashion to help you make the right decision. With over 18 years’ experience in the field and aided by the latest in inspection technology, you can have complete confidence in their wide variety of report options to identify problems and give you the best idea of what is needed for remediation. As they say, “for peace of mind it’s VITAL”.

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