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10 Tips to Pest Proof Your Home

10 Tips to Pest Proof Your Home

For a safer and more comfortable living in Sydney

Having a house to call your own is fulfilling, but what if we told you that you’re probably not the only one residing there?

Old and new homes alike are vulnerable to damage, especially if it gets a little neglected, and one of the perils that homeowners should avoid is pest and vermin infestation. Not only do these hasten the degradation of your property’s structural materials, but they can also serve as health hazards to you and your family.

10 Valuable Tips in Pest-Proofing Your Home

As a responsible property owner, it is your duty to make sure that your home is termite-free, so the team at Vital Buildings and Pest Inspections have written this guide to pest-proofing your property for safer and more comfortable living.

1. Keep your property clean

Having a tidy house is one of the most effective ways to make your house pest-free. Pests thrive in unclean and unkempt areas. While keeping your home clean may not be easy, it is important always to clean up after them immediately and not wait for the dirt or grime to settle.

10 Valuable Tips in Pest-Proofing Your Home

2. Store food in airtight containers

Just like humans, pests tend to gravitate towards areas rich in food sources. If you have food in your pantry, always make sure that these are protected in airtight containers to prevent attacks from pests. Even food that you do not think are usual targets of pests (like flour and baking products) should also be kept in containers and cabinets.

3. Check your doors and windows

These are the main points of entry in a property, so doors and windows shouldn’t be overlooked. Doors and windows that do not completely close may not seem to be a big problem especially for old homes, but these are actually signs that pests may be running rampant in your property. Address these issues and fix your doors and windows immediately by sealing all holes and gaps, including their edges. 

4. Fix any holes in your walls

Cracks and holes may appear in your walls, even if the property is newer (these usually appear when the foundation begins to settle, creating cracks in the previously smooth wall). Carry out a visual inspection of your property. Look even at the corners of your laundry room or closet. If you see holes where pests may settle, make sure to cover them up. Not only will this keep pests out, but it can also help you with your heating and cooling bill. 

5. Do not store firewood near your house

Easy access to firewood may seem like a practical idea, but your wood stacks are a haven for pests and critters. If left near your main house, the pests will eat away the lining of your property and can even enter your home over time. Avoid such issues by placing the firewood pile a bit far from your main house. That way, you can still have access to firewood but not be at the expense of your house’s materials.

6. Vacuum regularly

Using a vacuum at least once a week will help you eliminate insects that have invaded your home. While cleaning, you’ll see various things like bug droppings, cobwebs, and food crumbs. These are signs that bugs are thriving on your property.

Vacuuming often allows you to see the cleanliness level of your home and look for signs of pest infestation. Getting rid of these also reduces the attraction of pests in your home, especially since they do not like clean and sterile areas.

7. Only allow your pets to eat in certain areas of your property

Your pets can help you deal with the pests in your home, but they also help attract pests since they leave food crumbs everywhere. Luckily, solving this issue can be pretty easy. Just make sure that your pets are only allowed to eat in specific areas of your property. That way, even if they leave crumbs while they eat food, you will see it and clean it immediately.

8. Schedule an annual roof check

It is recommended that you check your roof annually to see if there are potential entrance ways for pests, like awnings that are not placed well or shingles that have become loose. If you see gaps or damaged portions, have them fixed immediately. That way, it ceases to be an entry point and a breeding ground for pests.  

9. Check the plants on your porch

Like wood stacks, plants also attract pests. To help ensure that your porch plants do not become a source of pests in your home, see to it that your plants are maintained.

Always clean the dead and damaged leaves. It would also help if you water your plants regularly to flush the insects out of their hiding areas. Cleaning the plant pot helps, too, as doing so can help you spot and remove cobwebs and eggs that spiders often leave in those areas.

10. Check your walls for signs of pest infestation

Checking your walls regularly can help you spot pests. For wooden walls, you can check if there are any termite droppings or damages in the existing wood grain. If you see mud tunnels, tubes, or insects located near wooden structures in your home, it’s also a sign that pests may have invaded your property. To avoid facing this issue, you must always be on the lookout for signs of pest activity in your home.

Also…Include a pest inspection as part of your pre-purchase property inspection

Also…Include a pest inspection as part of your pre-purchase property inspection

If you are currently looking into purchasing a new residential property in Australia, you should ensure that it is free from pests and vermin. No matter how attractive the price of that property is, getting rid of pest infestation will cost you. You should balance your priorities and see if the property you are looking at is worth all the hassle.

Make sure that you catch all signs of pest activities by hiring a professional team to inspect the property before closing the deal. Vital Building Inspections, one of the premier building inspection companies in the country, can help you get your pest inspection sorted in no time!

For Professional and Comprehensive Pest Inspections in Sydney, Get in Touch with Vital Building Inspections Sydney

Vital Building Inspections Sydney can inform you of any past or current infestation, give an idea of where infestation will more likely happen in the property, and provide a detailed action plan to help you deal with the pests.

Having a dependable inspection team with you will help you make a more informed choice, especially when purchasing or selling a property. Inspection is a crucial step in deciding if you want to go ahead with a big purchase or not. Call us on 0401 012 074 or send an email to support@vitalbuildinginspection.com.au to learn more about how we can help you.

For Professional and Comprehensive Pest Inspections in Sydney, Get in Touch with Vital Building Inspections Sydney