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Should I Inspect a Brand-New Home?

Should I Inspect a Brand-New Home

The value of a pre-purchase property inspection on an older building is an established common sense practice. Wear and tear, exposure to the elements, possible future repairs can all be identified and actioned. If, however you are purchasing a brand new home is it still a good idea to get an inspection?

The simple answer is yes. Your brand-new building may have been inspected to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations but is the untrained eye sufficient to identify shoddy workmanship or structural issues? If your answer is no, it’s crucial that your new home is inspected by a qualified professional to ensure that you are getting what you paid for and that any necessary repairs can be rectified at the builder’s expense.

Isn’t my home inspected during construction?

Well, yes, it is but not inspected in the same manner as a pre-purchase inspection. At several phases during the construction your home will have been assessed on standards included in building codes and adherence to local planning laws. A pre-purchase inspection however focusses on more than this. Your new home will be checked and thoroughly assessed on the construction materials used and the level or craftsmanship in the construction. If anything is identified, you’ll be notified of any repairs or remediation work that may be necessary.

Isn’t my home inspected during construction

What happens if I do need repairs?

Builders are expected to handle the repairs in accordance with the terms of their mandatory Home Building Compensation cover. Most reputable builders will carry out a final inspection of the home and attend to any flaws that need fixing but sadly there are less diligent operators who may only limit their inspection to code violations. By appointing your own inspector, you can be assured of a through an unbiased assessment, and you can move forward with any repair or compensation that you may be entitled to.

What are the problems that could be found in a new home

What are the problems that could be found in a new home?

This can be broken down into two categories. Patent defects are obvious, even to the untrained or unqualified eye. Things like poor painting, badly fitted plasterboard, cracked windows these problems are easily identified.

Latent flaws are more difficult to spot. This is where the building inspector really gets to flex their expertise. These 10 issues are really just the tip of the iceberg but give you an idea of the importance of an accurate report. Some of the more common problems seen include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Poor or inadequate ventilation
  • Patchy rendering
  • Ill-fitting or damaged cabinets
  • Incorrectly laid tilework in wet areas
  • Non-compliant caulking
  • Cracks in foundation
  • Guttering and drainage issues
  • Electrical problems (poor wiring, badly installed outlets etc)
  • Plumbing issues (improper piping, incorrectly placed taps, leaks etc)

A pre-purchase inspection of a new home can have a great financial benefit

If your report turns up with no issues you’ll have the peace of mind that what will likely be the largest financial decision you’ll make in your life has been the right one and the money has been well spent. On the other hand, if your report may show defects. You may wish to undertake the repairs yourself and use the evidence in the report to negotiate a lower settlement figure that accurately reflects the cost of the repairs needed. You can always choose to withdraw from negotiations and start your search anew (it might even lead you to a better value opportunity).

If you wish to pursue a claim through the Home Building Compensation cover, be sure to check with your builder just how long their warranty term is. It could be anywhere from 12 months to 10 years. This means that as little as 13 months after your purchase you may not be entitled to any compensation for any unidentified faults. A pre purchase inspection can help ensure that the cost of any necessary repair is not borne by your hip pocket.

Vital Building Inspections are the experts you can rely on

The expertise you need to make sure your new house is secure and sturdy is what you’ll find with the team from Vital Building Inspections Sydney. You’ll get objective advice and a comprehensive report from a licenced, standards compliant inspector. This independent view is a vital tool in making the right decision when it comes to purchasing a home. Your completed build can be finished to standards with a new home inspection and report. Hopefully no defects are found or if they are they simple to fix.

Vital Building Inspections are the experts you can rely on

To lessen the likelihood of faults being an issue a new home inspection at Vital Building Inspections Sydney can assist in resolving any disagreements and claims you may have with your builders in the period just after construction.

With over 20 years experience in home construction, restoration, and inspection the team at Vital Building Inspections Sydney are the firm you can trust when it comes to inspecting your new home. If you’re anywhere in the Greater Western Sydney, are they are on stand by to assist with all your building and construction inspection needs. Call to for your free quote today on 0401 012 074 or alternately you can email them at support@vitalbuildinginspection.com.au or simply use the contact form here.