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All you need to know about pre-purchase inspections: a Q&A guide for savvy real estate investors

All you need to know about pre-purchase inspections: a Q&A guide for savvy real estate investors

Buyers should take advantage of pre-purchase inspections.

Pre-purchase inspections are necessary when it comes to buying properties, especially for savvy real estate investors. Unlike a car, buyers cannot “test drive” a home before buying. Unless the property is examined by building inspectors, buyers will not be able to know the true condition of the property.

Indeed, building inspectors play a big role when it comes to helping buyers make informed decisions about the residential property they are intending to buy. Without proper home inspection, potential owners will be left in the dark. They might even be surprised that the house they purchased have major defects that cannot be immediately repaired without breaking the bank.

Here, we take a look at some of the common questions related to pre-purchase inspection for savvy real estate investors and home buyers.

Q: What is pre-purchase inspection?

Q: What is pre-purchase inspection?

Answer: A pre-purchase inspection allows interested buyers to know the condition of the property that they are intending to buy. This type of inspection involves a visual examination of the structure and is conducted by qualified and trained inspectors.

Inspectors play a big role whether the buyer will proceed with the transaction or not. Through the inspection report, buyers will know if there are any major issues or defects on the property. Some inspectors also conduct pest and pest damage inspection in order to determine if the property is infested with termites and other insects or animals.

A prepurchase inspection can provide honest information to the buyer whether there are defects on the property. If there are defects, the inspector can also suggest if repairs are possible.

Q: What is the objective of a pre-purchase inspection?

Answer: The objective of pre-purchase building inspections is to identify and locate minor and major defects on the property. When defects are identified, whether they are structural, safety hazards, or maintenance issues, inspectors inform the potential buyer of these problems in a comprehensive report.

Depending on the result of the inspection, the potential buyer can make an informed decision as to whether to continue with the purchase or have the issues addressed first before proceeding with the sale. It may also help the buyer re-negotiate for a more reasonable price.

Q: What is the role of a building inspector?

Q: What is the role of a building inspector?

Answer: A qualified building inspector conducts an inspection of the property. The inspector visits the structure and conducts a visual check-up of the home or building components using their learned skills and technology. The inspection usually lasts a few hours or more, depending on how extensive the examination will be.

Generally, inspectors should note the following:

  • Whether the defect is major, minor, or a safety issue; and
  • Whether the defect should be repaired, serviced, or requires replacement.

The following are the recommended building inspection steps conducted by a building inspector:

  1. Checking of the building footings to identify possible deficiencies, defects, and non-compliance items.
  2. Inspection of the wall and roof frames to determine if they are structurally sound and following the construction code.
  3. Inspection of the wall cladding and external roof. This is done to make sure that the internal linings are properly installed.
  4. Checking of internal linings and completed waterproofing.

Q: What are the items that have to inspected in a residential property?

Answer: Normally, the inspector has a list of items to be checked or inspected, which may or may not include the following:

  • Water pressure and drainage systems
  • Flooring
  • Electricity and wirings
  • Windows and doors
  • Walls and wall plastering
  • Outdoor areas
  • Cabinets and drawers
  • External roof lines
  • Drain holes
  • Garage, carport, and garden shed
  • Steps, fencing, driveways, and paths

Buyers are usually encouraged to attend the inspection. This way, they can see for themselves the areas that need repairs. If the potential buyers are present, the inspectors can answer their questions right away.

Q: What is a pre-purchase inspection report?

Q: What is a pre-purchase inspection report?

Answer: Inspectors furnish inspection reports after the inspection is accomplished. The report contains a written account of the property’s condition, including the major and minor issues and suggested repairs. The report should provide buyers the necessary details they need to make a sound financial decision, that is whether to buy the property or not.

Reliable real estate inspectors should be as detailed as possible when it comes to accomplishing the pre-purchase building inspection reports. They should not simply list down the findings, but more importantly, they should describe in details the issues found on the property. A typical report should include the following:

  • Date and time of inspection
  • Areas inspected
  • Areas not subject to inspection
  • Photographs of the property

Aside from the detailed condition of the property inspected, the inspector should include details and suggestions regarding the defects and other negative findings on the property. These may also include information on safety hazards, evidence of presence of termites and other pests (if pest inspection is requested), and areas requiring periodic maintenance.

Other request from potential buyers can also be included in the report, like the possible timeframe to accomplish the repairs, if needed.

Q: Does a new home require building inspection?

Answer: When buying a home, inspection should be considered whether the building is old or new. It is not only the defects that are checked during inspection. An experienced and qualified inspector should be able to identify if the house was constructed following the Australian building standards.

Q: Where to get pre-purchase building inspection in Sydney?

Q: Where to get pre-purchase building inspection in Sydney?

Answer: Before you finally make the purchase, have the property inspected by Vital Building Inspections Sydney. We have over 17 years of experience when it comes to pre-purchase building inspections as well as other pest and other building inspection services.

We have qualified and experienced inspectors who are committed to helping buyers make smart decisions when it comes to their home buying. Our team can provide detailed pre-purchase inspection reports, which we will explain in greater detail to help buyers understand the condition of the property that there are interested to buy.

Have Vital Building Inspections Sydney inspect the home that you are eyeing to buy. Book an inspector today by calling 0401 012 074 or sending an email to support@vitalbuildinginspection.com.au. We serve Sydney and the Greater Sydney area.