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Building and Pest Reports Work for Sellers and Buyers

Whether you’re the vendor or the buyer, a transaction involving real estate is likely to be the most significant financial decision you’ll be involved in. Using an experienced, reputable firm like Vital Building Inspections Sydney can help ensure that regardless of your role you will be paying the fairest price as a buyer, have a clearer understanding of market expectations as a seller and the opportunity for both parties to negotiate from the strongest possible position.

Advantages for Sellers

Even though your home may present well to the untrained eye there is still the risk that foundations and structures have deteriorated or developed faults over time. It’s not in your interest as a seller to have your prospective buyer discover these faults with their own inspection. You can avoid unpleasant surprises during negotiations if you arrange for your own house inspection first. By not doing so you risk a price reduction, hefty repair bills or the possibility of the sale falling through completely. All these outcomes carry a hefty financial sting. Maintenance performed on the buyer’s conditions may be rather costly as the buyer will almost certainly try to mark up these costs to their advantage. They might push for full replacement in areas where restoration or simple repair would be more than adequate.

Advantages for Sellers

Fixing the problems before you sell

As a result, the primary benefit of carrying out your own home inspection is that you keep control over the selling and negotiating process. You can fix problems to your financial advantage through early detection and fixing them to your own terms. Rather than having to engage in aggressive negotiation and stringent demands from your buyer you have the choice of repairing and choosing the most cost-effective solution that may even increase the overall value of your home. Careful consideration in tandem with your inspector and real estate agent can help achieve this.

Legal protection with a building report

It is also advisable to have your own inspection for your legal protection. If a buyer decides to sue you for undisclosed problems with the property your own inspection can be used to refute any such argument. All in all, the relatively minor expense of a pre-sale inspection can potentially save you thousands and even end up making you money.

Advantages for Buyers

Advantages for Buyers

There are numerous advantages to obtaining a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report. The person who orders the report benefits from a comprehensive inspection of the entire residence. Everything from the roof’s appearance and inside to the foundation is examined. All walls, floors, under-floor regions, and ceilings are included. Not only that, but all fences, pools, and structures will be properly inspected. Driveways, air conditioning, carpets, tiles, alarm systems, paint coatings, appliances, plumbing, windows, and gas connections are not normally addressed in this property inspections report. These can be included in the report but must be indicated.

Another advantage of having the Pre-Purchase Inspection Report completed is that you will have peace of mind. Buyers are often concerned about any faults that may exist in the house they are purchasing that they are unaware of. They can be confident that any current issues with the residence have been disclosed as a result of this report.

The report

The opportunity of the buyer to interact with professionals is a third benefit of the inspection and report procedure. Any questions that a potential buyer may have can be addressed right away. All recommendations for further specialists that are required as a result of the information in the report may usually be obtained from the person or company doing the inspection right there and then. The expert completing the examination will often make such a proposal for extra assessments to be performed if pests, structural difficulties, or water drainage are discovered. They will send the buyer to a water supply authority, pest inspector, property surveyor, geotechnical engineer, structural engineer, or power supply authority to that effect.

Recommendations for repairs

Another benefit of such a study is that it will make recommendations for any  repairs or extra evaluations that are required. The buyer may then be able to demand that this work be completed prior to closing on the residence in question. This manner, the purchaser will not be met with any nasty surprises immediately or quickly after moving in.

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Whether buying or selling, a building and pest report from Vital Building Inspections can ensure the best possible outcome in any property negotiation and the peace of mind that you are accurately reflecting the market value of the property. Equipped with the latest technology and more than 18 years experienced you can be assured of a thorough, honest appraisal that leaves you in the strongest negotiating position. Call them on 0401 012 074, email them at support@vitalbuildinginspections.com.au or use the contact form here.

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