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Vital Building & Pest Inspections - The clear choice for timely, thorough, accurate and professional building inspections in Sydney.

Vital Building & Pest Inspection is Sydney’s building inspection specialist, committed to giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety and condition of your property.

We have over 18 years of experience in the building industry, and a solid background in assessing, repairing, and renovating properties with structural problems, and those suffering from the effects of substandard construction or damage caused by ageing, environmental elements, or pest infestation. So, when you choose Vital you get more than just a thorough building inspection.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with sound and clear advice on the condition of the property they are interested in – whether they are buying, selling, renovating, or building – because our client’s interest is of the utmost importance.

When you trust the experienced team at Vital to perform a building inspection, you get all the important information you need in a timely, easy to read, professional report you can refer to, to help you make one of the biggest and most important decisions for you and your family.

Sydney building inspection company of choice, with service you can trust and expert advice you can rely on.

The best building inspection reports in Sydney

No matter where you are in Sydney, or what type of property you have or are looking to purchase, it is vital to obtain a clear, accurate and comprehensive property inspection report. Vital Building & Pest Inspection is the best choice for all of your building, pest or pre-purchase inspection needs in Sydney.

Armed with years of local knowledge and experience, and a commitment to providing professional service and expert advice, we perform a rigorous examination of your property per the relevant Australian Standards (AS 4349.1-2007 and AS 4349.3).

We follow a tried and tested process to uncover every issue – not just the obvious or visible problems, but the potential problems that could cause major issues and require costly repairs in future. We don’t just stop there though, we go further, to find the root cause of any existing or potential problems we identify. Our detailed inspection report highlights any major defects, maintenance requirements, safety issues and pest damage that we may have discovered during our inspection.

Where it is deemed necessary, we can locate evidence of damage or infestation using state of the art technology, including:

building inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections
pre purchase inspection, Acacia Gardens Building Inspections Sydney

Thermal Imaging

Thermal cameras use non-intrusive imaging to detect heat sources, which give off infrared energy. In much the same way that a regular camera uses natural or visible light to capture an image, a thermal camera uses increased sensitivity to pick up invisible wavelengths of light. The thermal camera then converts these invisible wavelengths into a visual image.

How do thermal cameras help detect building pests?

The Vital team of qualified and experience building and pest inspectors is skilled in the art of using thermal imaging to quickly and easily detect the presence of insect and rodent nests in walls and other hidden or relatively inaccessible areas of a building.

When insects and rodents make a nest within a wall cavity, their continued presence and activity generates heat within the nest, which causes the external surface of the wall to warm up and emit infrared radiation. Our thermal camera technology allows our building and pest inspectors to detect temperature differences on the surfaces of building walls, which can indicate the presence of a nest behind the wall.

Thermal imaging also allows our practiced inspectors to identify irregular heat patterns that may indicate the presence of moisture or other kinds of damage that may signal the presence of pests or identify their entry point. 

For example, mice or rats may chew holes in walls or insulation, allowing cold air and moisture from outside the building to enter the wall cavity; termites construct mud tube tunnels within walls, floors, and ceilings, which retain a high moisture content. In both these instances a sensitive thermal camera and practiced technician may be able to detect these subtle irregularities in expected heat patterns.

Where there is evidence of pest activity, and it is suspected there may be nests or damage hidden within walls, floors, ceilings or other hidden or hard to access areas of a building, we can use thermal imaging technology to confirm the presence of pests and pinpoint their location. The accuracy with which thermal imaging can detect the presence of pests and their nests enables targeted action and minimises the amount of disruption required to eradicate them.

Minimal disruption is particularly important when dealing with termites, as they tend to disperse when nests are disturbed, which can actually cause the pests to spread and make them harder to eradicate.

How do thermal cameras help detect structural defects?

Thermal cameras are able to assist in the detection of heat loss, moisture, lack of airtightness, faulty thermal insulation, heat bridges and structural damage.

Thermal imaging may be able to pinpoint the origin of water leakage or the location of damage to plumbing pipes, if there are suspected issues with ruptured pipes that are otherwise inaccessible.

Thermal cameras are also able to identify heat and moisture patterns that may indicate problems with:

  • Rising damp, caused by blocked drains and insufficient seepage
  • Penetrating water, from improperly installed or leaking roofing or guttering
  • Thermal bridges, which may result in the formation of condensation that can lead to mould formation

Vital Building & Pest Inspection's thermal imaging technology

Our inspectors use a Testo 868 Thermal Imager, which boasts the best thermal image quality in its class, with excellent resolution and over 19,000 temperature measuring points for incredibly precise thermography.

The Testo 868 thermal imager automatically detects hot and cold spots and allows the user to visualize a temperature difference of 0.10 degree Celsius. The integrated digital camera displays the real image next to the thermal image, to make it easier to locate the focal point or position of the lens. An instantaneous field of view (IFOV) warner calculates the distance from the thermal imager to the precise spot being measured, and shows the spot on the thermal image, helping to avoid measurement errors.

Thermal imagery is just one of the technologies that we can use when undertaking your building and pest inspection. For more information, or to book your Sydney building or pest inspection, contact us today on 0401 012 074. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form, or request a FREE QUOTE, and one of our friendly team will contact you shortly. 

Moisture Meters

Moisture meters are instruments used to detect the amount of water in a given sample or building material, including roofing, wood, tiles, concrete, fibreglass, insulation, and plaster and plasterboard. These instruments use various technologies, including probes, pins, electromagnetic signals, and lasers, to detect, map and measure the presence or percentage of water, either on a specific surface or across a large area.

Non-intrusive (pin-less) moisture meters work by transmitting low-frequency signals into the material being tested and measuring the amount of impedance encountered by the signal. Differing amounts of moisture present in the test material result in differing levels of impedance, which the moisture meter uses to calculate the moisture percentage. Non-invasive moisture meters are particularly useful for scanning large areas and surfaces that are not able to be physically penetrated.

Pin-type moisture meters use contact pins or probes that are inserted into building materials to obtain precise moisture readings. While these kinds of meters provide far more accurate measurements, they leave small holes in building materials, where pins or probes are inserted, and are only able to readings for a small, localized area.

What kinds of problems can a moisture meter help to detect?

Moisture meters can detect areas of elevated moisture content. More advanced moisture meters can measure:

  • moisture levels on and below the surface of a material
  • ambient air humidity, or relative humidity, and automatically provide psychrometric calculations (measurements associated with the thermodynamics of moist air)
  • the dew point and surface temperature, and automatically calculate the difference between them
  • equilibrium humidity measurement in concrete floors (the level of moisture content in a concrete floor at the point at which the concrete will cease to dry any further)

Elevated moisture levels in building materials can cause, or facilitate, a range of problems that can seriously damage the appearance and structural integrity of those materials, including mould, wood rot, pest infestations. Moisture meters can be used to trace evidence of moisture intrusion back to the source, enabling the problem to be identified and addressed. 

How do moisture meters help detect building faults or problems?

Moisture meters enable the building inspector to determine the moisture profile of an area, to identify areas of possible building defects or faults. Moisture mapping can help to identify problems with pooling of water and excessive equilibrium moisture content, particularly in the ground, within concrete, roof spaces, floors, and walls.

Moisture mapping across large areas is particularly helpful after flooding or known instances of water ingress, to enable the building inspector to monitor the speed of change in moisture patterns. Where previous moisture detection or mapping has identified a problem area, the moisture meter can measure improvements in the moisture profile of an area after action has been taken to rectify an identified fault or defect.

Moisture meters can be used to detect problem areas of uncontrolled moisture intrusion caused by damaged or faulty building materials, structural faults or poor installation or workmanship, including: 

How do moisture meters help to detect mould and bacteria?

While moisture meters cannot identify mould or bacteria directly, they are able to help identify areas that are at risk of developing problems with these issues. Moisture-affected wood is prone to harbouring mould and fungi, which will generally begin to grow in wood with a moisture content of approximately 20%.

The growth of mould and fungi within and around a building can cause health problems and result in visible damage to both the interior and exterior of a property. It is therefore essential to discover problem areas with elevated moisture levels that may provide the perfect breeding ground for fungi, mould and bacteria.

The Vital team of qualified and experienced building inspectors has extensive experience using our state of the art, multi-functional moisture meter to quickly and easily detect the presence of problematic moisture in walls, floors, ceilings and other hidden or relatively in accessible areas of a building that are susceptible to moisture damage and may be prone to. 


How do moisture meters help detect pest activity or infestation?

In addition to being essential in identifying areas prone to problems such as rising damp, and detecting faults, structural defects or damage that is allowing water intrusion, moisture meters can also be used to indirectly identify pest infestations within a building.

Moisture-affected wood often plays host to pests such as beetles and borers, which can thrive in wood with a moisture content of just 12%. If left unchecked, water intrusion and associated pest infestation can cause serious damage to building materials, which may significantly affect the structural integrity of a building.

Where there is evidence of water intrusion and pest activity, and it is suspected there may be nests or damage hidden within walls, floors, ceilings or other hidden or hard to access areas of a building, our inspectors can use our state-of-the-art multi-functional moisture meter to identify problem areas and track moisture intrusion back to its source.

For example, termites construct mud tube tunnels within walls, floors, and ceilings, which retain a high moisture content, and moisture meters can be used to trace these moisture-laden tunnels back to the nest or the point of moisture intrusion. 

Vital Building & Pest Inspection's moisture meter technology

We use a Protimeter MMS2® BLD8800-C-S moisture meter, which is the world’s most advanced all-in-one moisture meter.

The multi-functional BLD8800-C-S allows pin-less, pin-type and probe moisture measurements, making it incredibly effective at both scanning large areas for elevated moisture levels for the purposes of moisture mapping and for pinpointing particularly problematic areas and establishing their exact moisture content.

Our Protimeter MMS2® BLD8800-C-S moisture meter is just one of the technologies that Vital’s building inspectors can use when undertaking your inspection. For more information, or to book your Sydney building or pest inspection, contact us today on 0401 012 074. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form, or request a FREE QUOTE, and one of our friendly team will contact you shortly. 


The Termatrac T3i All Sensor is an “all-in-one” instrument used to help the building inspector or pest inspector to detect the presence of termites and other pests, to track their activity and locate their nests and determine the extent of pest infestation.

The T3i All Sensor combines Termatrac’s patented radar technology with a thermal and a relative and direct moisture sensor. 

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s Thermal Sensor technology

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s Thermal Sensor is a non-intrusive infrared sensor that enables the building or pest inspector to detect temperature differences on the surfaces of building walls and to identify irregular heat patterns. Such changes in surface temperature and thermal anomalies may indicate the presence of moisture or other kinds of damage that may signal the presence of pests or identify their entry point.

Vital’s team of experienced building and pest inspectors are trained and certified in the operation of the T3i Thermal Sensor, using it to identify infrared energy emitted by heat sources in walls and other relatively inaccessible areas of a building, such as that given off by insect and rodent nests.

Unlike thermal cameras that display images, the infrared sensor of the T3i All Sensor averages the temperature detected by a laser pointer to provide the operator with a numerical reading. 

building inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s dual mode Moisture Sensor technology

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s dual mode moisture sensor is a non-intrusive, pin-less moisture sensor that uses a capacitance-based method of measuring moisture content within a sample area, penetrating to a depth of up to 60mm.

The T3i All Sensor’s ultra-sensitive direct moisture sensor detects small changes or fluctuation in moisture content within a material, such as a plasterboard wall. Unlike many moisture sensors on the market, which detect moisture in an arc beam from the sensor, the T3i direct moisture sensor uses omni-directional technology to measure moisture content surrounding and directly underneath the instrument. 

The T3i’s direct moisture sensor calculates and displays the absolute moisture value as a percentage, as well as displaying the value on a dial-type gauge. The sensor is designed to deliver accurate moisture readings, even in environments with extreme humidity.

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s Radar Sensor technology

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s Radar Sensor uses a state-of-the-art technology that is specifically calibrated to detect termite and other insect activity, track their movement, and locate their entry point.

The T3i’s radar sensor transmits high-frequency, low-energy microwaves that penetrate building materials, enabling the operator to detect and track termite and pest activity. The radar sensor picks up differences in the reflected waveform caused by interference, which are due to movements made by termites and pests within the building materials. This interference in the waveform is displayed on the sensor’s screen, allowing the operator to track movement and activity in real time.

Most importantly, the radar sensor enables the operator to pinpoint areas of activity without disturbing the nests of termites and other pests. Minimal disruption is particularly important as termites tend to disperse when their nests are disturbed, making containment and eradication much more difficult. 

Vital Building & Pest Inspection's Termatrac technology

Our building and pest inspectors use the Termatrac T3i All Sensor – the most accurate and non-invasive detector on the market – to assist them to confirm the presence of termites and other pests in building materials.

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor’s ability to pinpoint termite and pest location and movement without disturbance allows termites and other pests to be identified, contained and eradicated with minimal effort and enables the use of localised treatments that help to avoid unnecessary drilling and removal of un-infested or undamaged sections of building materials, keeping repair costs to a minimum.

The Termatrac T3i All Sensor is just one of the technologies that Vital can use when undertaking your building and pest inspection. For more information, or to book your Sydney building or pest inspection, contact us today on  0401 012 074.  Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form, or request a FREE QUOTE, and one of our friendly team will contact you shortly. 

All the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Our reports provide reliable advice and practical solutions for every building and pest problem we find, so you can address the underlying cause and minimise the risk of the problem returning.

We also ensure that the building inspection report is delivered to you as quickly as possible after the inspection is completed, because we understand that – regardless of your reason for needing a building inspection – time is of the essence.

At Vital, we are genuinely committed to providing you with true peace of mind and exceptional customer service.
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4.9 107 reviews

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    Thorough and knowledgeable, Peter equipped my husband and I to enter into negotiations on a property as well-informed buyers.
    The quality of Peter's pre-purchase inspection was excellent, allowing us to be on site during the inspection
    … More so that he could walk us through all the defects. His approachable manner, allowed me to also make contact with him following the inspection to ask questions and seek guidance. We engaged Peter twice during our purchasing journey, selecting a property confidently, and with an understanding of its condition. I have already recommended Peter to a friend who is also going to engage his services. Thank you Peter!
  • Avatar Inna Baraquio ★★★★★ a week ago
    Peter has been great to deal with. He cares for his clients a lot and provides exceptional service. Will definitely go to Vital Building Inspections again.
  • Avatar Shaneel Mishra ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Excellent experience!!! Peter was very easy to work with. He is very responsible, responsive and puts customers best interest first.
    I called him so many times before my house inspection. He was always patient with me and explained everything
    … More in detail.
    He provided me with a detailed report at the end of the same day, answered all my queries and gave me lot of good advises.
    He genuinely loves his job and helping others.
    Thank you so much Peter.
  • Avatar Lynne ★★★★★ a month ago
    Professional and quality service.
    Peter is very helpful and approachable.
  • Avatar Satheesh Kumar ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Thank you for the detailed explanation of the report, you are wonderful person !
  • Avatar Trevor Wu ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I contacted Peter the night before for a last minute urgent inspection needed the next day. He was accommodating and made time to fit me in the next day, he was also swift in arranging a time with the agent.
    The report was provided the
    … More same day as the inspection and he also provided more information over the phone.
    Great service and super responsive!
  • Avatar Mrs Ma ★★★★★ a month ago
    Professional and quality service.
    Peter is very helpful and approachable.
  • Avatar David Connerton ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Peter had done a recent inspection for us. He was always approachable via phone and informative in a language we understood. He did find an issue and explained what range of problems it could be hiding. Due to the house being vacant for … More some time it would appear to be in the more expensive (possible termite/moisture/rotted timber) problem category. Our financial situation did not allow a possibly high cost repair and had to turn the property down. This is exactly why we pay for a building inspection. Thanks Peter.
  • Avatar Mitchell Coleman ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Peter recently performed a building & pest inspection on my property in preparation for sale. Peter did an excellent job, thoroughly inspecting the property while talking me through the whole process. He was happy to take the time to … More explain anything I asked and also provided valuable advice. This is my second time using his services and I would not hesitate to use him for any future inspections!
  • Avatar Lis Dan ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Peter is fantastic. Very clear communication and responsive. The job was carried out on the next business day.
    The agent mentioned they did a thorough job checking for pest activities. The building report also proved to be useful; they
    … More managed to pick up things that the previous report (provided by seller) missed.
    No wonder it got so good reviews. Hard to nitpicking to be honest. Price is reasonable.
  • Avatar Amod Pandya ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We engaged Peter for a few inspections and he's an absolute legend and a professional. He is very detailed and thorough. We were very satisfied with his work and we'll definitely be using his services in the future.
  • Avatar Jules Bligh ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Peter is incredibly responsive and provides services that are outstanding value for money. He is reliable and honest and highly recommended. I had engaged Peter and received a comprehensive report including photos, and follow up, back within … More less than 48 hours.
  • Avatar Andrew Tjoe ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Peter was very easy to work with but most importantly was responsive, quick and proficient at his work. As is the nature of buying property subject to tight cooling off periods we needed someone to inspect our property quickly. Peter was … More in there the next day and gave us a report the same day. He was happy to answer any questions we had and helped us buy with confidence.
  • Avatar Kar Mun, Carmen Wong ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Highly recommended
    I contacted Peter for an 'as soon as possible inspection'. He was very responsive, quick to reply and got the inspection done the same day. Once that was completed, he followed up with a phone call to notify
    … More me of the outcome. The report was also made available within few hours. Very efficient.
  • Avatar Jason Leung ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I needed a Building Inspection done on my property asap and Peter certainly provided that.
    He kept in constant communication with me which is very hard to find with any services.
    Great report and very happy to discuss you the results.
    … More highly recommend for your next Pest and Building Inspection.
  • Avatar Sam Mehrkhavari ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Excellent experience. Very open and easy going. we needed a report done urgently and he managed the inspection and the report in a day. Highly recommended. 5 stars for me..
  • Avatar Gloria Z ★★★★★ a year ago
    Beyond 5 stars service! highly recommended!
    Prior contacting Peter, I read the comments about Peter's service. I could not believe them more until having experienced his service my own. Perter is very responsible, responsive, and
    … More take high pride of the quality of his work. He did take his time and made sure the inspection was done properly.
    I was also impressed how does he put customer's best interest first. On the inspection day, I was worried about the rain, he said something like: raining does not matter to me, it only helps to see the leakage better. He said in a light hearted way, I appreciated the way he thought.
    During the inspection, Peter did take his time, he made sure he has not neglected any areas of the property. After his thorough inspection, he provided me a detailed and well informed report at the end of the same day which made me easier to make an important decision.
    Thank you so much Peter!
  • Avatar Shivasish Banerjee ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Great service all round, highly recommended.
    I contacted Peter outside regular business hours to organise inspection for an investment property option that I needed done at very short notice (next day). From there, it was an "express
    … More service" right from understanding my requirements & making contact with the agent on the same evening to wrapping up the inspection and providing expert guidance based on the findings by arvo next day.
    Appreciate the level of detailing & flow in the inspection report and duty of care demonstrated by diligently following through with a phone call to explain nuances. Thank you Peter and Team Vital Inspections!
  • Avatar Madhu Gowda ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Just used Peter's services through Vital Inspections for a pre-purchase inspection. The experience has been very professional from the first call until completion of the job. Firstly, the website enquiry was responded to quickly. A … More quote was sent through and the rest of the process was really smooth. The report was thorough and professional and Peter was glad to answer any questions after the inspection. Highly recommend Vital Inspections for any building & pest inspection.
  • Avatar Josh Forrester ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Peter was great with a short turn around and is very approachable on phone and email.
    Open and honest, I am happy with his work. Thank you!
  • Avatar Gaurav Sharma ★★★★★ a year ago
    We engaged Peter to do a building and pest inspection prior to putting an offer for a house we really liked. We found him very diligent and thorough with his work. He pointed out defects/issues that we couldn't have found ourselves. … More His is very skilled, an awesome communicator and I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to buy a house.
  • Avatar Beckie Lee ★★★★★ a year ago
    I contacted Peter for a building and pest inspection in the morning for a price guide. He was extremely quick in responding with a great price. After giving him the go ahead, everything was very smooth and easy. He organised the inspection … More time with my agent and was extremely speedy with the report which was sent to me by the end of the day! The comprehensive report he sent me was well detailed with photos and an outline of any issues that he found. He gave me the opportunity to talk to him to go over the report and answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend Peter and would not hesitate to use his services again!
  • Avatar David Yu ★★★★★ a year ago
    Peter is a honest and hard worker who completed 2 thorough building inspections for us on short notice. Always provides status updates so that you are aware of what is happening. Highly recommended!
  • Avatar Khalid iqbal ★★★★★ a year ago
    We use the building and pest inspection services provided by Peter. He is very professional and punctual. We contacted him on weekend to carry out inspection on Monday and he did it. We request him to check some fixtures which were not … More included in the pre inspection request but he did it without any fuss. He is great, we highly recommend him for his services.
  • Avatar Jennifer Nguyen ★★★★★ a year ago
    I used Peter’s services for a new building / pre-handover inspection as I bought off the plan. Peter’s professionalism, thoroughness and expertise made us realise we chose the right man to do the job from the very first room!He brought … More our attention to areas we wouldn’t have picked up as first home buyers, gave us detailed advice and recommendations for fixes / maintenance, and did an outstanding job on our report delivered promptly the same Friday night.I highly recommend Peter for all your inspection needs because he really puts the customer first.Hopefully we get to use you again Peter if we ever are lucky enough to buy our second home!Thanks so much and take care,Jennifer and AndyService: New-build inspections
  • Avatar Andre Coquillon ★★★★★ a year ago
    Prompt and reliable service, accurate reporting and knowledgeable with post report questions.
  • Avatar NS Motor Body Builders ★★★★★ a year ago
    I have major issues with my neighbor's pool leaking into my property. I sent the images to Peter and his response was extremely helpful. He could have booked me in for an inspection and made money but instead he advised me that I did … More not need a building inspection as I had already have the proof in the photos. He also spent time on the phone advising me on what I needed to do to make insurance companies act on my claim and for the first time in a month I finally felt some hope in this situation.Thank you so much Peter, I don't think you know how much your kindness and advice has helped me. You are a wonderful genuine person that I hope to do business with in the future.
  • Avatar Ryan P ★★★★★ a year ago
    Very responsive and professional. Open for any questions and carries out what has been discussed.
  • Avatar Ibrahim Yusof ★★★★★ a year ago
    I had the most wonderful experience working with Peter. He demonstrated exceptional customer service skills, he understood my inspection was of urgency to myself & booked me in for the next day. He was polite, extremely friendly to … More approach for advice and feedback. Overall extremely impressed with his professionalism & speed. Definitely recommend him.Service: Rental property inspections
  • Avatar Ed Fox ★★★★★ a year ago
    Thoroughly impressed with Peter's service. Peter was available at short notice, and received updates as soon as the inspection was completed. Peter did not rush, and took his time going through the house from top to bottom. Received … More his comprehensive report the same day. Very happy with the level of detail, as the report highlights many things i had not noticed.Service: New-build inspections
  • Avatar David Raul ★★★★★ a year ago
    Great professional detail inspection was done by Peter. Very thorough and carefully explained all issues we had to have our knowledge in during our pre purchase of the property.I recommended all my friends and family about this company. … More I highly recommend everyone about Peter!
  • Avatar Rahul ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    We have used Peter's building inspection services a couple of times. Every time we had an excellent experience with him. He is flexible, easily approachable and professional. He answered all our queries and explained each report. His … More reports have helped us in making crucial decisions. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar Jia Pan Xiao ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter was a pleasure to work with.He is committed and thorough, which resulted in a very comprehensive building and pest report. His commitment and great attitude also showed when he agreed to answer all our questions regarding his report … More at 8:30pm (via a phone call).I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a building and pest report.
  • Avatar Ren Vuong ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I found Peter to be very easy to deal with from start to finish. He was able to get my inspection done in the required timeframe for a townhouse I was buying, and had the report prepared and sent to me on the same day the inspection was … More completed. He was then available first thing the next morning to discuss the questions I had, and spent a considerable amount of time going through it with me over the phone. I found the report itself to be very clear and detailed, and Peter was very helpful with his feedback on the issues found and what the inspection was able to cover and not able to cover. Thank you Peter!
  • Avatar Jane Palmer ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I was really impressed with Peter's inspection. Done same day, detailed information followed by an excellent report. Highly recommended
  • Avatar Marcus Horwood ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Fantastic and friendly. Peter took the time to go through everything with me, he obviously knows what he is doing! For what he does, he should be charging considerably more. I would definitely recommend and use his services again.
  • Avatar Talia Luken ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter has been marvellous from initial contact, through booking, completion of inspection and return of report. He has been communicative and helpful. His report is detailed and specific and his accompanying suggestion of contacting him … More if necessary is awesome! Peter thank you so very much I could not recommend you highly enough! You are brilliant!
  • Avatar Sherene Tan ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter was available to carry out an inspection quickly within the cooling off period, and was very detailed and professional. He encouraged for us to attend the pre-purchase pest and building inspection and to ask questions, after the inspection … More and following his report. Strongly recommend Peter's services to any home buyer in the Hills District and surrounding areas.
  • Avatar Samuel Nelson ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter was professional, prompt and thorough in his services provided. The report was to an extremely high standard and very detailed. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking a pest and building inspection.
  • Avatar Nelson D'Souza ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I used Vital Building and Pest Inspections for building and termite report for a property I was buying. I found Peter professional and prompt in his service and courteous in explaining the report to me over the phone. He could do it within … More the property cooling off period which greatly helped me in my decision. He was available for me to clarify any doubts post the inspection as well. I found his fees reasonable compared to the market. I would strongly recommend Vital Building & Pest Inspections to anyone who needs their service.
  • Avatar Mina H. Samy ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter was very fast in conducting the build and pest inspection, the report was thorough, and the followup phone call with him was very helpful in understanding the report and the condition of the property. Highly recommend his services! … More
  • Avatar Romel Teodoro ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Found Peter via google search. No wonder he has the most positive reviews around. He was prompt to respond to my inquiry. no hassle transaction. very quick turn around on the work required. the report was very comprehensive. I definitely … More recommend Vital Building Inspections to anyone needing a job done professionally.
  • Avatar sukrit vashist ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter from vital building and pest inspection is punctual and affable. He does thorough inspection and explains the issues clearly in report. He is an expert and serious about the job. Recommended !!!
  • Avatar James Barker ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter provided us with reasonably priced, punctual and efficient service. I would highly recommend using his services. Pleasure doing business with him!
  • Avatar Monique Hood ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Peter was such a delight to deal with! He was very prompt in his response and follow up and very thorough with his work. We are first home owners and were so overwhelmed with everything we had to do (and also had no idea what we were doing!) … More but he was always available to answer any questions and went above and beyond to help us. I cannot recommend him enough!!
  • Avatar Isabel Hernandez ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Peter drove all the way to the lower Blue Mountains for us, and was very professional, friendly, and a very good communicator. I was able to attend the inspection as well, and Peter explained things really well and told me what to expect … More in the formal report. Thank you very much, Peter!
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    Peter was very proffessional to deal with and was very punctual. He is very knowledgable and the building/pest report was very detailed and professional. Highly recommended
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    Fantastic experience. Detailed communication and very thorough report. Recommend!
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    Peter is the best. Extremely quick turnaround was happy to discuss with us in detail all the issues too. Recieved the report the same day the inspection was conducted. His prices are unbeatable too. Thank you so much for your services peter! … More
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    I can see why Peter has so many positive reviews on here. He made the process so easy for us and has such a friendly manner. I would recommend Peter to anyone who has just purchased a property and needs a thorough building inspection done … More within a short time frame.
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    Professional service and the report was exact and detailedService: Rental property inspections
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    We had our inspection done by Vial Building & Pest Inspection. Peter's service was very professional. He has returned our call promptly and he was very tentative and friendly from the start to finish. Affordable but yet top quality … More service. Thanks Peter
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    We were very happy to have found Peter. He is very professional, friendly and experienced. He takes time and care to address our concerns and questions. Thanks again Peter!
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    Peter is very detailed and skilled, very confident with his inspection, I’m so glad to have Peter to do the inspection for us even we decided to lose our deposit and not to buy this house. Will ask Peter to do the inspection again for our … More next property but.. before putting down the 0.25% deposit. 😅
  • Avatar Ambreen Sualeh ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Peter was extremely helpful in providing me with the best of his knowledge about things I asked for. Not only that, he delivered what he promised. I would recommend Vital Inspections to everyone out there who is looking for reliable company. … More
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    We have used Peter from Vital Building Inspections on 3 occasions now, and have found his services to be professional, timely and accurate.The reports include lots of photos to view and are very thorough. I have found Peter excellent to … More speak with pre and post-inspection to clarify anything further and he has gone above and beyond to make sure we are completely satisfied with his services.I would not hesitate to recommend Vital to anyone looking for an inspector, hence we have used them 3 times in the last year.Thanks for making the house hunting process smoother and less stressful!
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    Vital Building and Pest Inspections provided my family and I with an outstanding service that was affordable and professional. Peter was friendly and informative and provided a detailed report that was easy to understand so that we felt … More that we were kept in the loop. Very satisfied with the service provided and highly recommend Peter and his team.
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    Super fast! Every email enquiry I sent I got a response within the hour. I requested for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection on the Monday, the inspection was completed on the Wednesday and the report was sent to me the same day! … More Report was clear, detailed and easy to understand. Thanks Peter!!!!
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    Peter was very helpful and super contactable through the process. Report was very thorough and he helped talk me through it. Great Service!
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Building Inspections in the Sydney Region

Vital Building & Pest Inspection are a local building inspection company based in Sydney’s north-west, providing a wide range of building inspection services across the Sydney Metro and Greater Western Sydney LGAs – from Richmond to Ryde, Penrith to Pymble, Campbelltown to Chatswood… and everywhere in between, including: 

Check out the full list of Sydney Service locations here.

Independent Building Inspectors in Sydney

All our inspections are performed by experienced, qualified building inspectors who will arrive on time, conduct an independent, unbiased evaluation of the property, and deliver a clear and comprehensive combined building and pest inspection report. Vital Building & Pest Inspection have an excellent industry reputation and our professional, easy to read inspection reports are trusted by real estate agents, vendors, and buyers of property right across Greater Sydney.

Our professional building and pest inspection reports detail your building’s condition, highlighting any current or potential issues that may require attention. We are always happy to provide further explanation, if you need it, because we want to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the condition of the property so that you can negotiate with confidence.


We perform building inspections Sydney-wide, including Pre-Purchase Inspections, Dilapidation Reports, Asbestos Inspections and more.


A pre-purchase inspection is a must before you buy a property, whether it’s to be your home or an investment property.


Find out more about us and how our background in building repairs and restorations makes us your best choice for your building or pest inspection!

Save Money with the Best Value Combined Building and Pest Inspection in Sydney!

– from $450 + GST!

building inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections
building inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections


Pre-purchase building inspections are a vital part of any real estate investment – especially in Sydney where you are likely to be investing over a million dollars in your home. Pre-purchase inspections on units and apartments, especially those in high-rise towers, are particularly important in light of concerns around the many structural defects, fire issues and water issues that have plagued these kinds of developments in recent times.

If you have been considering investing in the property market, it is sensible to find out what issues and liabilities you might be buying into, to avoid more expensive problems in the future.  A Sydney pre-purchase building inspection can provide you with vital information on the structural integrity, condition, and quality of the property.

Investigations have shown that many newly built apartment buildings have water issues and structural defects, and while are many may be small and relatively easy to rectify, they can be expensive. With media reports abounding on the structural and building issues these kinds of building developments are prone to, it is understandable that buyer confidence in the quality of construction has been shaken. 

A thorough pre-purchase building inspection, performed by an expert building inspector, along with a comprehensive building pre-purchase report, will provide you with the essential knowledge you need to make a wise financial investment.  Arming yourself with the independent expert analysis provided by Vital Building & Pest Inspection’s building and pest report enables you to confidently negotiate with the vendor and Sydney real estate agent.

If you are thinking of selling your home, find out exactly what you might want or need to fix before you go to market so that you can get the maximum price from the sale and avoid any time consuming negotiations or delays with buyers.


Timber and biological pests, such as mould, fungi and timber rot, can cause costly damage to your home and property – and this kind of damage is not typically covered by most Australian home insurance policies. This is because the damage these pests inflict is considered to be foreseeable and preventable, and there are many steps that can be taken to prevent these infestations or mitigate the extent of any damage should an infestation occur.  

Routine pest inspections in Sydney are vital to ensuring the safety and condition of your property, constituting one of these very important prevention and mitigation strategies. There are a number of telltale signs that can serve as a warning bell, such as: 

Vital Building & Pest Inspection have local experience and expert knowledge on common Sydney pests and can use the latest tools to detect the presence of pests and any damage they may have caused prior to detection, including our Testo thermal camera, Protimeter MMS2 moisture meters and Termatrac technologies.

For more information on Vital Building & Pest Inspection’s comprehensive pest inspection and report services, call us today on 0401 012 074 or send us a message via our contact form. Alternatively, request a free quote now!

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Vital Building & Pest Inspections are a local building and pest inspection company based in Sydney’s north-west and servicing suburbs right across the Sydney metro and Greater Western Sydney areas – from Blacktown, The Hills, Ryde and Parramatta to Penrith, Windsor, Richmond, and Campbelltown… and everywhere in between.

We have over 17 years of experience in building inspection and a strong background in the repair and restoration of buildings with structural and pest damage. We perform hundreds of building and pest inspections every year, so we know exactly what information you need. The pest and building reports we create for Sydney home buyers and vendors are clear and easy to understand with highlighted areas of interest and items that may require attention.

If you have questions once the building and/or pest inspection has been completed and the report has been provided to you, we are happy to discuss the contents so that you have a confident understanding of the condition of the property and any potential issues, and we are able to provide expert advice and solutions.

We are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity and we are current members of leading industry groups. We make sure we stay up to date with training and current practice in all areas of building consultant services, particularly in regard to building and pest inspections, and we have an excellent industry reputation. Our professional building and pest inspection reports are independent, unbiased, and trusted by real estate agents, vendors, and buyers of property in all Sydney suburbs.  

Hear it from our clients


We confidently price our building and pest inspections to ensure that we are offering great value for money. If you have obtained a genuine quote from a competing firm for a comparable building or pest inspection service that is legitimately available from a professional building inspection company in Sydney, we will match or beat it.

Call Vital Building & Pest Inspections today on 0401 012 074 to book your Sydney pre-purchase building and pest inspection and report now. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form, or request a FREE QUOTE, and one of our friendly team will contact you shortly. 

The primary focus of a professional building inspection is the structural integrity of the home. This is done by examining everything from the foundation all the way up through the roof. Some building codes look at plumbing, electrical and gas systems. Others may include an inspection of the heating and cooling systems. What the inspector is looking for is the overall structural integrity of the building. He or she is also looking for problems that you can`t see, for example, problems with interior electrical wiring. Other areas of concern are ventilation, fire safety, minimal protection from the elements and prevention of infestation.

The building inspector should visit the site of the building as soon as possible after the foundation is poured. This will allow him to offer the most valid information on the quality of the foundation. He should also be available for final walk-through after the building’s completion.

The need for a building inspector should be determined by the type of project. Inspectors can routinely inspect when a building permit is issued or a change in occupancy occurs. Buildings over a certain threshold of value should be inspected when the building is constructed. The inspector can also be engaged by an insurance company or a lender.

Building Inspectors check whether the building meets the minimum standards and complies with the building codes. In other words, building inspectors ensure that buildings are safe for the public and that occupants are protected against fire, structural collapse, inadequate sanitation, and other hazards. Building inspectors perform a variety of tasks, such as inspecting buildings for code violations and ensuring that contractors are in compliance with building codes. A building inspector checks building designs, materials, and construction plans, and oversees the installation of electrical wiring, plumbing, walls, windows, and other components. Building inspectors examine finished structures, including homes, factories, office buildings, schools, and other facilities, and certify that the structures comply with city, state, and federal building codes.

A building inspection is a thorough examination of a building to determine the current state of the property and to give the inspector a basis for recommending repairs or upgrades to the building. Either the buyer or seller can pay for the inspection and the report can influence the way a purchaser values the property. The reason why both parties want to use a building inspector is to determine if there are any defects in the property. A building inspector also finds out the condition of the home. For example, the inspector can determine if the roof is in proper working order, or if there were any previous termite problems. The inspection report can also tell if there are any problems with the foundation or if the electrical and plumbing systems are in good working order. The inspector will inspect the HVAC system, as well as the heating and cooling systems.

Building Inspection is the process of identifying flaws in buildings. It also provides a detailed understanding of the current status of a property. Further it provides information, knowledge and understanding of the life expectancy of each component that is attached to the property.

Building inspection is the process of ensuring that structures and building meets the regulatory requirements concerning safety. There are restrictions about what kind of buildings can be built and what materials are used in the construction. Furthermore, the building inspection helps to avoid dangerous situations and to take precautions about unsafe buildings. Building inspection is very important from both structural and safety standpoints.

A home inspector is a person that assesses the quality of your home during purchase. It is always better to have one examine your home before you make any commitment. This is because you will get an insight into the defects that are in your home. Through these defects you will be able to know if the defects can be repaired or fixed. You will also be able to know if your home is exposed to wear and tear as a result of these defects. If any of the defects cannot be fixed then you will be able to know your future plans.

A building inspector is a licensed individual who specialises in inspecting buildings for code violations, and ensuring that the building is safe as well as free from hazardous materials.  Building inspectors are employed in various occupations, including general practice, construction, and insurance claims.  These inspectors also work with building contractors to ensure that buildings are safe.

Home inspections are performed by home inspectors to determine the general condition of a home and its major systems to be used as a guide for repairs and maintenance. A home inspection is not a professional opinion regarding the condition of the subject property, nor does it in any way guarantee the functionality of systems or components in a home.

A building inspector must follow the rules and regulations outlined in the city, county, and state building codes. Building inspectors will usually be tasked with ensuring that a structure is safe for the public to occupy. Inspectors will evaluate the building’s structural stability, electrical and plumbing systems, and any other systems involved in the building. As a building inspector, you will need to have extensive knowledge of building codes and you must always be willing to learn more about them.