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Why is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection So Essential?

Why is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection So Essential? Vital Building Inspections

Smart buyers know that pre-purchase building inspections are critical, and here’s why

Potential buyers looking to purchase a real estate often make the mistake of not arranging for a pre-purchase building inspection to be performed. They may mistakenly view it as an unnecessary added cost. However, little do they know that, by skipping a pre-purchase building inspection, they are creating a more significant risk that could haunt them in the future.

inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections
inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections

What is a pre-purchase building inspection?

A pre-purchase building inspection evaluates a property’s condition, helping the future owner determine any possible issues in the building and if they should conduct any repairs. A pre-purchase building inspection also helps check for pests or pest damage, in order to steer clear of extensive damages that pests such as termites can cause.

Are pre-purchase building inspections expensive?

The cost of having a property inspected by professional building inspector depends on various factors, such as the type of inspection required and the property’s location. Considering the number of possible damages, the building may incur in the future, and the cost of repairing them, the price your building inspector will quote you is a great safety net.

How long does a building or pest inspection take?

Although a few firms may offer a 24-hour turnaround, a pre-purchase building inspection will take from 2 to 3 days, depending on the size of the property and other requests the potential owner might add.

inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections

The pre-purchase inspection results will be delivered in the form of a document or a report stating the findings. It is recommended that the soon-to-be owner seeks a more detailed assessment from a building inspection specialist before making any crucial decisions. If you need a building or pest inspection report, contact Vital Building Inspections Sydney, Sydney.

inspection - Vital Building and Pest Inspections

Why is a pre-purchase building inspection essential?

Buyer awareness

The main reason for getting pre-purchase building inspection is to make sure that the potential buyer is aware of all the defects associated with the property. This will help them decide whether to go on with the purchase or further bargain with the seller.

Detailed reporting

A detailed report is provided to the requesting party once the pre-purchase building inspection has been accomplished. This document does not simply list down the findings but goes into detail on the issues found on the property. A typical building inspection report would include:

  • The time of the inspection
  • The weather during the review
  • Areas inspected
  • Areas that are not accessible that should be inspected
  • Photos of the property

The document can also provide details and suggestions on how to remedy the negative findings on the property. Upon request, the building inspector may also state the possible time frame to accomplish the repairs. All of this information can help the client determine their step.

Assurance of the building’s regulation compliance

All properties in Australia are subject to the regulations and standards set by the National Construction Code and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The BCA also references certain technical documents, including the Australian Standards. In essence, any property for sale must comply with the requirements set by these codes.

According to the Building Code of Australia, the property must comply in terms of the following aspects:

  • Structural adequacy
  • Fire resistance
  • Access and egress
  • Services and equipment
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Provisions for the health and amenity of occupants

Fortunately, the above factors are what pre-purchase inspection specialists look into. Suppose the property does not conform to these regulations; in that case, the new owner becomes responsible for bringing it up to standards, which only means further costs on top of the acquisition of the property.

If you would like to find out more, contact a member of the team at Vital Building Inspections Sydney, in Sydney.

Structure safety guarantee

Safety is the number one concern for all homeowners, but this is especially true if the building will be used commercially. Structural safety should be prioritised as collapses can lead to injuries.

Aside from structural safety, electrical wiring should also be examined. Faulty electric arrangements can lead to electrocution and fire and should thus be fixed immediately.

Detecting the presence of other dangerous materials, such as asbestos, is also covered by pre-purchase building inspections.

Assurance no pests have caused any damage

A highly qualified building inspector will not let an inch of space get past the process. It means checking everything, from the roof to the sub-floors.

A termite inspection is a necessary part of a pre-purchase inspection. As termites are different from typical ants that just walk out in the open, termite-detection procedures such as timber testing or tapping, thermal imaging, radar metres, and moisture readings can help in the process.

Price bargaining

It is a fact that not everyone can fix all structural damages and flaws revealed by a pre-purchase building inspection report. If a potential buyer decides to go ahead and proceed with the deal, they can use the report’s negative findings to their advantage.

Buyers may ask for a lower price as a form of consideration for the damages found on the property. The pre-purchase inspection report becomes the negotiating tool that buyers use to get the price they want. Note that this is not necessarily an unfair practice. It does work both ways because it also saves the time and effort of the seller for a small fraction of the final price.

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Now that you know that a pre-purchase building inspection is essential and the most practical way to go, it is time to make the right move! Before acquiring that new property listing, have it inspected thoroughly!

Vital Building Inspections Sydney offers this service in Sydney and Greater Sydney. With us, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a team committed to helping you make the best purchase decision. Call us today on 0401012074 or send an email to support@vitalbuildinginspection.com.au for enquiries and we will be happy to help.

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