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The Role of Construction and Building Inspectors

The Role of Construction and Building Inspectors

Anyone constructing or buying a property in Australia recognises the significance of a construction and building inspection. Construction and building inspectors play a vital role in the commercial and domestic construction process. This procedure gives assurance on the safety, functionality, and accessibility of a house or building. It also prevents potential problems and possible extra costs. This kind of property inspection is required under the Building Code of Australia.

Why Construction and Building Inspections are Important

Construction and building inspectors are key players in determining the overall structural soundness of a property. They also inspect compliance with building codes, specifications, and other regulations.

The inspection procedure can uncover various issues that need immediate action before they worsen and become problematic. Here are the typical structural issues found during an inspection:

1. Weak structural foundation, including roof, walls, and flooring

This kind of structural issue exposes anyone to great bodily and property harm when the structure collapses. It can also affect other people and properties that are within its proximity.

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2. Faulty electrical wiring that can quickly lead to fires

According to a government report, one of the major causes of house fires in Australia is defective wiring. Poor wiring can cause electrical sparks that can quickly grow and spread into an inferno and engulf the whole house in no time at all.

3. The presence of hazardous materials and conditions

Asbestos, gas leaks, water damage, loose balustrades, squeaky stairs — these are only some of the hazards usually found during an inspection. They can cause accidents and pose health risks to those who get exposed to the hazardous materials.

4. Wear and tear of pre-purchase properties

Any structure suffers from natural wear and tear over time, especially if it is poorly constructed and without proper maintenance. It can result in costly repairs or renovations.

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What Construction and Building Inspectors Do

Construction and building inspectors do their jobs with your best interests in mind. They have the knowledge and skill to determine a property’s actual condition even before any issue arises. As specialists in the field, they can provide valuable advice regarding the property you are eyeing. Here are the scopes of their job as construction and building inspectors:

Construction Inspectors

Compliance with the BCA (Building Code of Australia) is one of the first things they inspect. Following the existing regulations that cover safety and quality standards of a construction project can significantly improve the quality of the finished structure.

  • Construction inspectors pay attention to the safety of the construction site. They see to it that everyone in the construction project is safe from any hazard and accident. They map out the safest road for the transportation of equipment around the building site, too.
  • Inspectors can help reinforce the mental and physical alertness of those working at the construction site. With pre-established project expectations and the necessary means of fulfilling it, everyone can work with sharper focus and efficiency. 
  • The inspector’s job has a positive influence on the construction quality since they monitor the quality of work and materials used for the construction.
  • Construction inspectors also consider the impact of the project on the environment. There is a current trend for sustainable environmental processes for construction works, and there are even existing environmental regulations for the construction industry in the country. Construction inspection processes are expected to abide by these and to contribute to this movement for a greener construction industry.

Building Inspectors

  • Building inspectors check if the buildings comply with the existing laws and regulations.
  • They assess the property on behalf of the clients and provide reports on their current physical condition. With this, the client can make an informed decision regarding the property.
  • They inspect and carry out necessary testing of electrical installations.
  • Building inspectors review existing buildings for any structural and cosmetic defects, fire hazards, presence of asbestos, and other safety threats.
  • They look for termite and other pest damages, whether active or inactive.

They Give You the Indispensable Construction and Property Report

After the inspection, they come up with a detailed report outlining their findings and recommendations. This report can save you from spending more than necessary for a property or construction project. It can also save you from the hassle of having to put up with a property that has been purchased without being fully informed about its exact state beforehand.

The inspection report contains general information about the building or the construction site. The construction and building inspection report includes information about the following areas;

building inspectors - Vital Building and Pest Inspections
  • The site, including the building exterior and interior parts, roof exterior, roof space, and underfloor space
  • Operable components like smoke alarms and electrical safety switches
  • The presence of pest damage in the property and hazardous elements like asbestos
  • Detached property structures such as carport, garage, shed, and separate laundry
  • The surrounding features like fencing, driveways, and pathways
  • Drainage run-on and runoff control
  • Construction debris management
  • General site management

Some Inspection Limitations

Certain things are not inclusive in the inspection report, specifically for building or pre-purchase properties. It is essential to realise that the inspections do not cover every single element in the property. As the inspection only attempts to detect structural and cosmetic defects in the property, it does not include the following:

  • Detecting the presence of termites and other pests
  • Gas fitting and plumbing
  • Television reception
  • Appliances like dishwashers and vacuum systems
  • Minor defects such as chipping paint coating or similar
  • The repair costs estimate
  • Other issues outside the expertise of the inspector

Make the best of your construction project or real estate purchase

There’s a certain level of confidence you get when you know that experienced hands and minds handle your property purchase or construction developments. You have peace of mind knowing that your project adheres to the industry standard of safety and quality. You can confidently decide on a property when you have a credible reference regarding its condition at your fingertips.

Trust Vital Building Inspections Sydney to conduct construction and building inspection. Our years of experience make us the experts not just in identifying the problems but also in recommending solutions. Call us now and experience the customer satisfaction we have been providing our clients through the years.