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Best Suburbs to Live in Sydney and Why

Best Suburbs to Live in Sydney and Why

Where is the Best Place to live in Sydney?

When searching for the best suburbs to live in Sydney, many factors should be considered before deciding where to settle. Then, after deciding where to settle and finding the right property to buy, there is one more crucial thing to do before purchasing a property: getting a presale property inspection.

What factors to consider when searching for the best suburbs in Sydney?

When looking for the best suburbs Sydney, it is crucial to take into consideration some essential factors like safety, affordability, traffic condition, and accessibility to establishments such as schools, work, healthcare facilities, and shopping and recreational areas.

Selecting a place to live may differ from another because it usually depends on the person’s lifestyle and goals. For instance, working professionals typically want to live in the suburbs closer to their workplace. Families moving into Sydney almost always consider the safety in the neighbourhood and the proximity of their homes to schools and educational institutions.

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With the above factors in mind, here is a list of the best suburbs to live in Sydney and why:

1. Hornsby

This suburb is ideal for families. Located on the Upper North Shore of Sydney, it is close to shopping centres and has easy access to schools and public transport. This area has plenty of recreational choices, including parks and playgrounds. Property prices are relatively low compared to other suburbs because it usually takes around 35 to 40 minutes commute time to reach the CBD. Although a little distant from the city, one does not need to travel far to buy basic needs since the Westfield Hornsby shopping centre, the main commercial hub in the area, contains hundreds of stores, including restaurants, cinema, and supermarkets.

Home Buying Tips 8 Suburbs Worth Checking Out

2. Milson’s Point

This suburb, located in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, is where one can get a full view of the famous Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Milton’s Point is one of the best suburbs to live in Sydney because it is close to the Sydney CBD.

Milson’s Point is a popular choice to live for young professionals and couples without kids, and even for empty nesters and retirees. Its low property crime and violent crime rates make it one of the safest suburbs to live in. Plenty of restaurants and cafes that are easily accessible on foot for those who prefer the outdoors.

3. Kensington

Considered one of the best suburbs for young people, Kensington is in south-eastern Sydney. It is quite close to the city, just around 6 kilometres south-east of the central business district. There are plenty of shopping areas and interesting restaurants, particularly in Anzac Parade, where restaurants serve mostly Asian cuisines.

Because of its proximity to the University of New South Wales, many students live in the area. Still, the population is a mixture of people from various economic mix. In addition, Kensington is home to beautiful landscapes and natural reserves, making it ideal for those who prefer to live in a prestigious yet close-to-nature community.

4. Lane Cove

For those who are looking for affordable properties, Lane Cove is a great choice. It is located on the Lower North Shore of Sydney and is one of the best suburbs to live in Sydney because it is a quiet, friendly, and safe neighbourhood.

Families, nature lovers, and professionals will find Lane Cove truly relaxing and laidback. Lane Cove is mainly a residential area characterised by tree-lined streets and single-family homes.

5. Croydon Park

Another excellent choice for those looking for reasonably priced properties is Croydon Park, located in the Inner West of Sydney. It is an ideal place to settle for families because of the comprehensive range of schools in the community. It is also one of the safest suburbs to live in in Sydney.

6. Summer Hill

Located approximately 7 kilometres west of Sydney CBD, this residential suburb adjoins Parramatta Road and Liverpool Road. Summer Hill is highly popular because of its relaxed village-style ambience and cafes. You don’t need to go far to access basic needs since almost everything is within the town. Because of its intimate feel and communal atmosphere, it mostly attracts older population and families. Expect to live a quiet and laid-back life in Summer Hill.

7. Concord

Just within 10 kilometres from the CBD is a suburb distinct for its majestic houses with multi-car garages and big gardens. Concord is in the Inner West of Sydney. It is a family-friendly neighbourhood and is one of the purely residential suburbs in inner Sydney.

Concord is a favourite residence of retirees, young professionals, and families. It has well-maintained parks, sporting spaces, and playgrounds for children. Everything that the residents need is readily available at their doorstep, including access to the library, golf club, shopping village, and first-class medical facilities.

8. Paddington

If money were not an issue, Paddington would be one of the best suburbs to live in Sydney. Located in the Inner East of Sydney, it is an upscale neighbourhood teeming with restaurants, cafes, cool pubs, and hotels. This is perfect for young professionals who are looking for great hangout spots. In addition, Paddington’s Oxford Street is a popular area for shopping.

What to do after selecting the best Sydney suburb to live

What to do after selecting the best Sydney suburb to live

After deciding where to live, the next thing to do is to find a home. Before you purchase a house in Sydney, it is vital that a trusted building inspection company inspect the building to check whether it is safe and in a liveable condition.

One of the worst things that a homeowner can experience when buying a property is finding later that there are safety issues with the building. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the building is checked by a reliable building inspector to know the condition of the property and to avoid future problems.

For all your Sydney pre-purchase inspection needs, contact Vital.

At Vital Building Inspection, we conduct a thorough assessment of the property’s condition. We provide our clients with a clear, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive property inspection report. More importantly, we give our clients clear and sound advice on the condition of the property they are interested in.

If you have already found a place to live in a Sydney suburb, take some time to have your home inspected before moving in. Contact us on 0401 012 074 or send your enquiries to support@vitalbuildinginspection.com.au.

For all your Sydney pre-purchase inspection needs, contact Vital.