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Timber Floor Inspections

Our background in property restoration makes us the best choice for your timber floor inspection

If you’re looking for building experts to complete timber floor inspections in your Sydney home or business, Vital Building & Pest Inspections are the right choice for you. We offer thorough timber floor inspections and detailed reports in the Sydney region, with attention to detail, utilising our extensive knowledge and experience in the timber floor and building industry. Vital Building & Pest Inspections offer comprehensive and independent timber floor inspections in order to prepare an accurate and reliable timber floor inspection report.

Vital Building & Pest Inspections can provide timber floor inspections and reports for both residential and commercial properties.

It’s important to remember timber floors are natural, timber does move, so expect some expansion and shrinkage effects throughout the year due to seasonal influences and heating and cooling.


Vital Building & Pest Inspections are an accredited floor inspector with The Australian Timber Floor Association (ATFA). This means that we are bound by a strict code of professional conduct.

We have gained a strong reputation in Sydney for conducting comprehensive and independent timber floor inspections that aim to discover all timber floor issues. We can inspect timber flooring, floor sanding, timber decking, floating timber flooring, timber hardwood flooring, tongue and groove flooring, pre-finished timber, recycle timber and more.


  • Cracks
  • Loose floor boards
  • Termite damage
  • Moisture caused by leakages and more
timber floor inspections

We hold all the necessary occupational safety credentials and experience to conduct timber floor inspections in residential homes and commercial properties across Sydney.

Although movement in timber flooring may occur, there are some conditions that should not. The conditions defined below should not normally occur in a floor and if they do, remedial work is often necessary.

Cupping – boards with their edges higher than the centre of the board. Moist conditions beneath a floor can cause cupping and heat in a specific location or a very dry environment above the floor can also cause boards to cup. Cupping is more likely to be observed in overlay flooring and in wide standard thickness boards. To some degree a small amount of observable cupping may occur in some locations where these types of flooring are used (e.g. sun exposed floor).

Peaking – This has the appearance of cupping but is the result of expansion pressure in the floor. Again it is generally expected that a floor would be free of observable peaking.

Tenting – This is not acceptable and occurs when the adjoining edge of two boards has lifted above the level of the adjacent flooring. This is often associated with high moisture beneath the floor and can be from a number of other causes.

Buckling – This is not acceptable in a floor and occurs when a section of flooring containing a number of boards has risen above an adjacent section of floor.

Crowning – boards with their edges lower than the centre of the board. This is not acceptable and occurs when a cupped floor from moisture effects has been prematurely sanded. Crowning may not become apparent until some months after finishing.


Timber Floor Inspections from Vital Building & Pest Inspections Sydney

If you notice any issues with your timber floor, whether that’s at home or in the office, give us a call and we can provide an inspection and a detailed report. We can provide timber floor inspections and reports to areas across Sydney, including Western Sydney, Parramatta, North West & Ryde, The Hills District, and many more. Call Vital Building on 0401 012 074 for a free quote on timber floor inspections.

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