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What is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report

A pre-purchase building inspection report is a document that contains important and at times, lesser-known details about the construction and safety aspects of a building. If you are planning to purchase a home or commercial property in the Kellyville area, it is highly recommended that you book an inspection and seek a pre-purchase inspection report. This document will give you confidence that the building is free of structural and design defects and that you can live or conduct your business safely in its premises. Also, included in the report is the actual worth of the property and that can give you a negotiating tool to discuss the sale price for it. Vital Building Inspections Sydney is a reputed name in the Kellyville area for pre-purchase building inspections.

When home-owners make the mistake of buying a property without getting adequate inquiries done, there are bound to be issues that surface after the sale is complete. This can be stressful as well as annoying, not to mention the financial cost of getting the issues resolved. A pre-purchase inspection will highlight such quality issues before you finalise the deal and that is how it should be. You will then be able to make an informed decision about whether to purchase the property or not, or if the property has minor issues, get an estimate of cost to get them fixed, and negotiate a new deal with the seller. A pre-purchase inspection report provides you with all the necessary facts that help you go ahead with the purchase more confidently.

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What Does A Building Inspection Report Contain?
  • When you book a building inspection, a qualified and experienced inspector visits the property and makes detailed notes and observations about the various aspects of it like; design, safety, construction, the age of the property, whether there are any pest or termite infestations and so on. Once the inspection is complete which normally takes a couple of hours, the report is produced as per the observations of the inspector and emailed to the customers within 24 hours.  This report typically contains the following details although it can vary based on the type and size of the property:
  • The total area of the building, design and structure, age, and whether it is strong enough to withstand the elements of nature over a period of time
  • Whether there are any construction issues or repairs that would have to be carried out before taking the possession of it
  • Photographs of the different areas of the property
  • A detailed observation about any signs of pest or termite infestation

Issues that are cosmetic and can be fixed even after moving in

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Significance of Building Inspection Report
  1. It saves you a lot of money and stress. Imagine purchasing a building only to discover later that the construction of the building is very old, has structural issues or it is infested with dangerous pest infections. A report will clearly tell you if it is worth investing in a property or not.
  2. Rental disputes are on the rise for the simple reason that the tenants do not admit to damaging the property. Due to lack of any evidence, they save themselves from the liability of compensating the owner for the damages. If you get a building inspection done before renting out the property, you will have the inspection report as documentary evidence that the building was free of any issues being let. If the tenant damages the property in any way, you can claim damages based on the report.
  3. Building inspection report provides you with an accurate estimate of the financial worth of the property. If the seller is not quoting the right price for the property, you can decide not to go ahead with the purchase or re-negotiate the price.

Before you buy a home in the Kellyville area, talk to the experts at Vital Building and Pest Inspections and we’ll guide you with the process of booking a pre-purchase building inspection.

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