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Blacktown Building Inspections & Report

Our background in property restoration makes us the best choice for your Blacktown building inspection

We’re experts in finding and identifying problems. Our Building Inspection Reports tell you everything you need to know about the property in question.

But we don’t just find the problems. We tell you how to get them fixed and address the underlying cause so the problem doesn’t come back.

At Vital Building and Pest Inspections, we’re genuinely committed to providing you with true peace of mind, alongside our exceptional customer service.

Residential & Commercial Property Inspections in Blacktown

Blacktown residents trust Vital Building & Pest Inspections to deliver thorough inspections and detailed reports that save them money and keep their families safe and have done for over 25 years. The reason people call us for a property inspection is as varied as the Sydney landscape itself.
Rental disputes, Asbestos Identification & Timer Pest reports are just a few of the reason people call us at Vital every day.

Rental Disputes: Having a comprehensive building report is an absolute must for any home owner looking to rent out one or more of their properties. Tenants that damage property and do not adhere with the rental agreement often times are never made to pay for the full extent of their damage. Getting an accredited third-party report protects your home and can be used as evidence to show the housing tribunal or insurance company if any damage comes to your rented property.

Asbestos Removal: Is not a cheap job. In fact, many companies have a minimum removal charge of a couple of thousand of dollars and the price only goes up from there. Vital is able to safely identify if your house has had any part built or repaired with asbestos and the extent of the contamination.

blacktown building inspections

Timber Pest Reports: If you have been able to identify, or suspect you might have these unwanted woods eating invaders in your house then a call to Vital Building for a comprehensive examination and report could save you more than thousands. It could save your entire house. Our professional and affordable team will be able to identify how much (if any) damage has been done to the superficial (facings) of the house and how much damage has been done to the structure. Armed with this knowledge you will be able move forward with a clear plan of action.

Building Inspections Report

Building inspection report is a process of instigation identifying and determining the present condition of the building including major defects, minor defects, and potential safety hazards, present at the time of inspection.

It is a vital procedure especially if you are buying a property, in order to understand the condition of the property that you are about to buy.

Pre-Purchase Report & Pre-Sale Inspections

Make sure you are getting a safe and structurally sound home for the money that you pay. Getting a Pre-Purchase Report in Blacktown is your security against the hidden problems a house may have. Many times, the previous homeowner and real estate agent are not even aware of these problems but by the time they make themselves apparent the damage to your home and the cost of repairs could be both literally and figuratively be through the roof.

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