What to do after your building inspection

How to use a pre-purchase building inspection report to seal a deal So, you plan to buy a house and you have a property in mind that ticks all the boxes. Everyone suggests, rightly so, to get a pre-purchase building inspection done. After all, buying a property is a once

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Why Do You Need Building Expert Witness Reports?

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Anything can go wrong, even with a well thought-out building plan, and very likely will. When it’s time to either chase down the parties who are accountable or protect yourself from the damage caused by an error, you’ll need

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Why Construction Progress Inspection Reports are a Must

A building is a significant investment, but it can be risky. Complications may appear during the construction process, and errors might be left unchecked. No matter how reputable a building contractor can be, letting a building project run without a means to monitor every stage is poor management. This is

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Identifying Leaks in Wet Areas

Although building materials have improved significantly over the years, the materials only work when installed correctly, and even then, will eventually show signs of deterioration. Wet seals or waterproof membranes are no exception. The entire building process is designed to keep moisture away, so if you suspect moisture problems, it’s

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building inspection frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Building Inspections

No matter how you’re dealing with the real estate market, you need to be informed about the true condition of the properties you’re considering. Building inspections can give you a good idea on the value of your property and on what legal steps you may need to take. Inspection reports

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Swimming Pool Inspections are Essential and Here’s Why

Aside from being a relaxing activity, swimming is also great exercise and keeps you in top shape. It’s an activity that almost everyone enjoys, young and old alike. No matter your purpose, there’s no doubt about the beneficial effects that swimming can bring. If you have a private pool, there

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most common pests during spring
Most Common Pests During Spring

As the weather warms up, humans are not the only ones coming out of inactivity. Spring is that time of the year when pests that have been dormant during the winter are waking up and finding their way into our homes. They will sneak into the roof space, underground, and

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